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Truthpartner Program

About the Truth For Life Truthpartner program

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Since Truth For Life began over 15 years ago, the ministry has depended on the faithful financial and prayer support of its listeners to meet it's financial obligations. For many years, a group of individual and families known as Truthpartners have played a critical role in meeting these needs. Truthpartners are people who make a commitment to give to Truth For Life monthly and pray regularly for the ministry. This regularly, monthly support enables the ministry to purchase radio airtime, pay for website hosting and development, and cover staff salaries.

Over the past few years, more than 6,000 individuals and families have joined the Truthpartner program, and these individuals now provide over 60% of Truth For Life's operating revenue. Their prayer support is vital as well to the day to day operation of the ministry.

Become a Truthpartner today

There is still room for more Truthpartners to join with us to ensure the ongoing work of the gospel through Truth For Life. Each additional Truthpartner allows us to turn more attention to the delivery of clear and relevant Bible teaching.

We invite you to become a Truthpartner today. Anyone who is able to commit to making a monthly financial gift of any amount to the ministry and pray for us regularly may join.

As an encouragement to you, we invite you to request a copy of our featured monthly resource when you send your monthly gift. With monthly gifts of $20/month or more, you may also receive a copy of the devotional book Morning by Morning and a special sermon from Alistair each month, known as our Message of the Month.

Ways to Join 

It's easy to become a Truthpartner:

  • Sign up for an automatic monthly gift on your credit card through our online donation form.
  • Call us at 1.888.588.7884 to set up your partnership account.
  • Mail a check with your first gift and indicate that you'd like to be a Truthpartner. Our address is:
    P.O. Box 398000
    Cleveland, OH 44139-9000

Update your Truthpartner Info 

Customers can call 888.588.7884 or go to www.truthforlife.org/update to update pledge and recurring donation.

Request the Message of the Month 

Truthpartners can email truthpartners@truthforlife.org or call 888.588.7884 to request their free copy of the Message of the Month.

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