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Loyal Community

Revelation 2:12
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Series: You've Got Mail

Living Community

Series: You've Got Mail

Loving Community

Revelation 2:1
sku: 2309CD

Series: You've Got Mail

The Preacher: John The Baptist

John the Baptist was not an exquisite and distinguished preacher, but he had received the Word of the Lord. His character was marked by integrity and humility; he always pointed people away from himself and towards Christ. This is what made him so significant in preparing the way for Jesus. Like John the Baptist, those who preach the Gospel on a regular basis need to realize that they are only servants through whom people come to believe.

Luke 3:1
sku: 2154CD

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 2

What Happened to Expository Preaching

Every pulpit must allow the Bible, not the pew, to control what is preached. Many pastors are confronted with the temptation to entertain the congregation, or turn the Bible into a product they are trying to sell. It is essential not to lose confidence in the Bible’s ability to save the lost and edify the church. The preacher’s duty is to uncover what the text means, then relay his findings to the people of God in a way that does not compromise the true meaning of the passage.

sku: 2155CD

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 2