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Used Of God

Little is known of Ananias except that he was used mightily by the Lord in the transformation of Saul of Tarsus to Paul the Apostle. He wasn't chosen because he was particularly well-known or popular, but rather because he was open to the Lord's call, obedient to His command, and ready and willing to serve. Through this study of Acts 9:10-20, Alistair Begg reveals how God continues to use seemingly insignificant disciples today to do great work for His Kingdom.

Acts 9:10-20
sku: 2019CD

Series: Jars Of Clay

Teach Your Children Well, Part Two

It is a daunting challenge to raise children with Christian values in a world that is increasingly antagonistic toward biblical truth and conviction. Gleaning wisdom from Proverbs 22 and Ephesians 6, Alistair Begg instructs parents – particularly fathers – in in the biblical principles of training children without exasperating them. Consistent, tender parenting requires constant prayer, complete dependence on God’s grace, and a steadfast focus on eternity.

Proverbs 22:6
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Series: Wise Words

Legacy of The Gospel

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Series: Useful to the Master

Continuing in the Faith

sku: 2082CD

Series: Useful to the Master

Our Confidence In The Word

sku: 0100CD

Jesus: An Example of Compassion

This is from the 2001 Moody Founder's Week in Chicago, IL.

Luke 7:1-17
sku: 0102CD

The Heritage That We Leave

2 Timothy 4:6-8
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The Essence Of Easter

Mark 15:33
sku: 0104CD

Mercy, Blessings & Character

The believer’s entire existence is under the providential care of God, but we are still responsible for our choices and actions. Ruth applied common sense, careful thought, and sensible action while still relying on God’s grace, direction, and provision. Alistair Begg notes that even routine opportunities to provide for ourselves are ultimately God's compassionate provision.

Ruth 2:1-23
sku: 0106CD

Series: Lessons For Life, Volume 3