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God's Perfect Gift

John 3:16
sku: 1897CD

Leaving a Legacy

Genesis 50:22-26
sku: 1896CD

Series: Providence, Volume 2

Famous Last Words

Genesis 50:22-26
sku: 1895CD

Series: Providence, Volume 2

After the Funeral

Genesis 50:15-21
sku: 1894CD

Series: Providence, Volume 2

Plntg. Hedges in Marr., Part 1

sku: 1888CD

Series: We Two Are One

God's Work, God's Way, Volume 1

Every growing church faces the need for reorganization. There is probably no Old Testament book better suited as a manual for such change than Nehemiah. What was needed at this point in the history of God’s people was someone who could cope in the middle of ruin and discouragement, one who could keep forging ahead despite the threat of constant turmoil. God had been preparing Nehemiah for this task--an ordinary man with extraordinary ability for an out of the ordinary challenge. In these studies we discover:
1.The kind of people God uses when he does His work.
2.The principles necessary ...

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