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Chasing The Wind

Trapped in the dangerous darkness of life without God, the writer searches frantically for some light on the path. Growing cynical about intellectual achievement, he embraces the absurd and the irrational. Life on the fast-track gives him everything and leaves him nothing. He climbs high on the ladder of life only to make the tragic discovery that it was propped against the wrong wall. These studies touch the pulse of a generation caught between material prosperity and spiritual poverty.

sku: 12101CD

True Living

Why are so few people truly happy? Alistair Begg surveys the story of one man's quest for personal fulfillment as recorded in the Book of Ecclesiastes, where we discover that learning, pleasure, laughter, and material possessions cannot satisfy our longing to know the meaning of life. All of our pursuits are stained by sin, and we cannot discover life that is truly life apart from the God who has made Himself known.

Ecclesiastes 1:1-2:11
sku: 2837CD

Series: Encore 2014

Ecclesiastes Speaks Today, Part One

How does one do Gospel ministry in a culture that is undergoing a serious moral crisis? In the opening session of the 2014 Basics Conference, Alistair Begg answers this question with a surprising reply: preach through Ecclesiastes! With a message as equally relevant and timely today as it was then, Ecclesiastes demands a fresh look.

Ecclesiastes 1:1-18
sku: 3032CD

Series: Basics 2014

Eternity on My Mind

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
sku: 2290CD

Series: Chasing The Wind

All Those Lonely People

Ecclesiastes 4:1
sku: 2294CD

Series: Chasing The Wind

Concerning Worship

Ecclesiastes 5:1
sku: 2295CD

Series: What Is True Worship?

What if…