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Mark 15:33-41
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Look Out!

Hebrews 10:26-39
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The Gospel According to Luke, Volume 3

Luke’s gospel is the longest book in the New Testament. When you consider it along with the other book that he wrote, namely the Acts of the Apostles, Luke is responsible for over a quarter of New Testament material.

Luke was one of Paul’s most significant companions and several things about him help us understand why God laid his hand upon this man. He was a Gentile, the only Gentile writer in the whole of the New Testament. He was also a doctor and an educated man. He was an historian. In fact, he was more of a historian than ...

Luke 6:1-45 , Luke 7:1-50
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Belief And Behavior, Volume 3

The Thessalonian church held a tender place in the heart of the Apostle Paul. In this expositional study of Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, we see a paradigm for pastoral ministry, emphasizing the life-changing content of the gospel and concerns of Paul’s heart for their healthy spiritual growth.

Having established the believers in good Biblical theology, Paul clearly addresses issues of practical Christian behavior -- sexual morality, work, honest living. The doctrinal foundations of the believers’ hope, namely, the resurrection and return of Christ are established. And finally, the principles of healthy corporate life and worship within the local church ...

Kingdom Thinking

Acts 2:1
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Series: When The Church Was Young