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That's What Friends Are

While on house arrest in Rome, Paul was cared for by two friends, Timothy and Epaphroditus, brothers in Christ who displayed the characteristics that Christian servants today should strive to emulate. They were available to serve the Lord by serving others with humility. They were sensitive to the Spirit and the Word of God and demonstrated a genuine interest in the well-being of others above selfish interests. Timothy and Epaphroditus were reliable and followed through with their commitments.

Philippians 2:19-30
sku: 2013CD

Series: Encore 2013

Money Talk

sku: 2009CD

Series: Household of Faith, Volume 2

An Encounter with Christ

In Luke 18, we are told about a blind man determined to seek out Jesus so that his sight could be restored. In this story, we discover that the physical healing Jesus performed on the blind man was symbolic of our spiritual helplessness. We are in need of Christ’s divine power to open our spiritually blind eyes. Whoever comes to Christ aware of their sin and calls out to Him for mercy will be saved.

Luke 18:35-43
sku: 2008CD

Series: More Jars Of Clay

Glory to God

sku: 2007CD

Series: Household of Faith, Volume 2

What if…