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Name Above All Names

The familiar terms in Isaiah 6 (Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace) are not just titles of the incarnate Christ – they are roles He fills in the life of the believer. In this Advent study, we discover the actions Jesus performs in each role and the very real difference they make in our daily experience.

A Child is Born

At Christmas, we don't celebrate the birth of any ordinary child, but a child who was born to save and to rule: Mediator, beloved Son, Redeemer, Creator, and King. This study in Isaiah 9 draws us again to look from the manger to the cross to the throne, where our living Savior reigns in power.

Light in the Darkness

When we face darkness - both in the world around us and within our own hearts - where do we turn for relief? The tendency to rely on sinful substitutes is just as common today as it was in Isaiah's time. Only the Light that God gives in Christ can overcome our darkness and set us free from spiritual oppression.

It is HIStory!

With the holidays approaching, "getting ready for Christmas" becomes a focus in our lives and homes. Yet preparing our hearts to celebrate Christ's coming is even more important. The Advent season addresses this need by pointing out that all of the Bible is history - and HIS story. In this first Advent message, we study how Jesus fulfilled not just specific predictions, but all of the Old Testament, during His earthly ministry.

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Behold Your King is Coming To You

The Advent season season encourages us not only to reflect on Christ's coming, but to look forward to his return. In this study of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem before the Passover, we learn to anticipate his triumphant return as king and judge.

How Is Your Thanksgiving?

In Ephesians 5, the apostle Paul gives a familiar command: "Give thanks." Yet this attitude doesn't exist in a vacuum - our thankfulness to God is set in the broader context of godly character and actions. In this study, we examine this context and how believers' lives give evidence of our salvation.

The Danger of Self Reliance

After celebrating the Passover with his disciples, Jesus warned them that they would all fall away. In doing so, he identified a danger that we face too. When we rely on ourselves and trust our own hearts, we are in a precarious position. But as Jesus' words also remind us, failure with God is never final.

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 7

The Keeping Power of God

The Bible tells us that the Lord "keeps" those who are His. What then are we to think if an individual has professed to be a Christian, but later falls into grievous sin? In this survey of scriptures on the perseverance of the believer, we see that God's Word does not sidestep difficult questions, but addresses them very practically. It is God Who keeps – our part is to believe and to use the means of perseverance He has provided.

The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 1

Mark’s Gospel, the first to be written, emphasizes the certainty that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and the fulfillment of God’s purpose. With nearly a third of the narrative dedicated to the passion and the resurrection of Jesus, the Gospel of Mark aims to persuade all who read to believe in Jesus.

Attributed to John Mark, a contemporary of the disciple Peter, the Gospel is identified as Peter’s first-hand account of life with Jesus. Not a creator, but a conscientious compiler of the information, Mark provides vivid descriptions of the relationship between Jesus and His disciples, ...

Mark 1:1-3:6
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