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Faith Under Fire

Although the events described in this series happened over two and a half thousand years ago, they speak to our contemporary situation with striking relevance. Daniel and his friends were in an environment where the prevailing world view was antagonistic to the biblical truth of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of men and nations. They faced the question, “How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” They faced the challenge of avoiding either absorption by the culture or isolation from the culture. In following their example we discover how to live in our sometimes seductive and hostile ...

Daniel 1 , Daniel 2 , Daniel 3 , Daniel 4
sku: 12701CD

Cooperation w/o Compromise

Daniel 1:1
sku: 1634CD

Series: Faith Under Fire

Ultimate Questions

Daniel 2:1
sku: 1636CD

Series: Faith Under Fire

Take me to Your King

Daniel 2:14
sku: 1637CD

Series: Faith Under Fire

The Blazing Furnace

Daniel 3:1
sku: 1639CD

Series: Faith Under Fire

Heaven Rules, Part 1

Daniel 4:1
sku: 1641CD

Series: Faith Under Fire

Heaven Rules, Part 2

Daniel 4:19
sku: 1643CD

Series: Faith Under Fire

Belshazzar's Feast

Daniel 5:1
sku: 1645CD

Series: Faith Under Fire

Five Words on Daniel

Daniel was a man with a genuine passion for purity. A man of great integrity, Daniel became distinguished above all other high officials and held the respect of King Darius. His favor with the king, and his unwavering commitment to God and prayer, caused others in high standing to despise him and ultimately made him the target of a plot to face death in the lion's den. See how the plan conceived by Daniel’s enemies backfired, how the schemers were destroyed, and how God was glorified.

Daniel 6
sku: 0173CD

Series: Jars Of Clay

Dare to Be a Daniel

Daniel 6:1-28
sku: 3027CD

What if…