Behind the Scenes of Christmas

added December 1, 2006
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Behind the Scenes of Christmas
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The fullness of time had come. God sent his Son into the world to seek and to save what was lost. In this series, Alistair draws from four key New Testament passages to take us behind the scenes, as it were, of the familiar Christmas story. The baby in the manger, he reminds us, is none other than the Lord of eternity; the birth of Mary’s son is nothing less than the arrival of the eternal Word into the world.

To a generation that does not know who Christ is, why he came or why it matters, these central elements of the Christian faith remain as timely as ever. Alistair urges upon his listeners the importance of keeping a fuller understanding of the redemptive purposes of God and the necessity of the Incarnation in mind as they consider the birth of Jesus. A Christmas that misses this, he says, is a Christmas that misses everything.

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