Christian Basics

added December 3, 2009
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Christian Basics
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What does it really mean to be a Christian? In this study, Alistair identifies the essential elements of the believer’s life, starting first with conversion and then elaborating the manner in which believers are to act out their faith "To be a Christian," he says, "is to declare that Jesus is Lord. His Lordship affects both our minds - teaching us what to believe, as well as our morals - changing the way we live." While each follower of Christ has a unique calling, all Christians share the same fixed features of genuine faith.

The basic nature of the truths unpacked in this series should not be mistaken for elementariness. Far from being relevant to recent converts alone, these truths form the core of each stage of the believer’s life and apply equally to all Christians. Young believers and weathered saints alike will find Alistair’s examination of the "main things" of the Christian faith a useful and challenging way of assessing their experience

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