The Lion's Roar

added March 1, 2006
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scripture Amos
topics False Teaching, Persecution, Prophecy, Sin
The Lion's Roar
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Amos was not a learned man; he was a shepherd from a small town. He was not an innovator; he simply reminded people of facts they already knew. The only remarkable thing about Amos was how unremarkable he was.

Yet God used Amos to remind His people that religious profession and religious procession are irrelevant and repulsive to Him unless they are accompanied by evidence of His grace.

As 21st century Christians, we need to realize that God is saying the same thing to us. The church today is consumed with tales of experience yet it often denies the truths of biblical doctrine. It has bought into psychology but finds occasion to bow out of theology. It has reduced biblical obligations to personal options. It is preoccupied with growth but has lost sight of the God who makes things grow. . .

In this series Alistair Begg explains why he believes today’s church desperately needs to hear again the prophetic words of Amos and how we might learn to bring our lifestyles into line with that which comes from our lips.

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