When The Church Was Young

added December 3, 2009
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scripture Acts 2:1
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When The Church Was Young
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Nostalgia can be a powerful emotion that wraps us in a cocoon of comfort as we long for the good ol' days when everything seemed to be right with the world. As reminiscing lulls us into thinking that today's challenges are somehow greater than those in the past, we often yearn to return to a simpler time and find ourselves looking back wistfully at days gone by.

Contemporary church goers may find themselves considering the early days of the Christian church in this way, yet nothing could be further from the truth. In this series, Alistair Begg traces a line through the early days of the Christian Church as first-century believers wrestled with the very same challenges that face the twenty-first century church today. By examining such issues as our alienation from God; the church's tendency to offer a milquetoast version of Christianity; the juxtaposition of divine predestination and human free will; God's ultimate power to save; and the inclusive nature of the Gospel message, Pastor Begg helps us to remember and revere Jesus' transformative power and to trust in His saving grace.

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