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Basics 2002

Basics 2002DVD Series

date added October 21, 2009
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sku 23502DVD

At this, the third annual Parkside Pastors’ Conference, Alistair Begg had the joy and privilege of introducing the three men who have had a significant influence on his ministry as a pastor and preacher - Derek Prime, Eric Alexander and Dick Lucas. "[These men] are supremely men of the Word. Their enduring effectiveness for the Lord is grounded on the steady conviction that the Bible is God’s one and only means of making His voice heard in the church and the world today." - Alistair Begg Derek Prime pastored an independent evangelical church in London and Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland ...

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Basics 2006

Basics 2006DVD Series

date added October 21, 2009
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sku 23506DVD

No concern is more vital to the church than the gospel itself, the life-changing message of Christ that inspires worship, equips for service, enables fellowship, and compels outreach. "You will be my witnesses," said Jesus..."Go and make disciples of all peoples." While owing its very existence to the gospel, the church can be easily distracted from this fundamental calling. In keeping with this year's theme, Evangelism In and Through the Local Church, conference addresses, question-answer sessions, and Bible expositions emphasized that the gospel is less than a project or program and more the very heartbeat of a living ...

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Basics 2007

Basics 2007DVD Series

date added October 21, 2009
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sku 23507DVD

Of all the responsibilities of ministry none is more important than the continuing labor in God’s Word. That’s why our yearly pastors’ conference always places such strong emphasis on the Scriptures. We really believe that the Word is the way. Considering how many ministry models are now put forward, it is important to bear in mind what Jesus said, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away." Basic 2007 focuses on the weighty responsibility, spiritual energy, exacting demands and increasing joy of ministry shaped by ironclad commitment to careful study and clear communication ...

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Basics 2008

Basics 2008DVD Series

date added October 21, 2009
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sku 23508DVD

The Gospel in the heart and mind of the pastor was the focus of Basics 2008, as pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers gathered, not only as servants of the Gospel, but as believers in the Gospel – that life-changing message of repentance, forgiveness and eternal life that is the main theme of the Bible, the heartbeat of the Christian and the lifeblood of the church. It is our conviction that the power and joy of the Gospel message will keep us going in effective service for our Savior. We warmly invite you to join us for Basics 2008 that we may ...

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Basics 2009

Basics 2009DVD Series

date added October 29, 2009
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sku 23509DVD

As we gather for the 10th year, both pastors and lay leaders come together to have their minds stirred, their wills urged toward obedience, and their affections renewed toward God’s Word. Dr. John Lennox, John Piper and Alistair Begg will consider our primary responsibility of preaching in light of these topics.

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Basics 2010

Basics 2010DVD Series

date added May 10, 2010
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sku 23510DVD
scripture 1 Timothy 6:3-16

As we gather for the eleventh year, we’ve chosen to return to the basics of our daily ministry. We desire to have our minds engaged and souls stirred as we consider God’s call upon our lives as ministers of the Gospel. In his book, The Priority of Preaching, Christopher Ash reminds us that, “…to be a preacher is one of the most deeply humbling experiences in the world. Preaching drives us to our knees, puts gigantic butterflies in our stomachs, and makes us cry out, ‘Who is sufficient for these things?’”. We pray that through these messages, we ...

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Basics 2011

Basics 2011DVD Series

date added May 10, 2011
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sku 23511DVD

Each year, our return to the basics provides us with the opportunity and privilege to gather together as partners in the Gospel and to renew our passion for preaching God’s Word. This year, we are glad to put our focus on one of the core tenets of our pastoral ministry – doing the work of an evangelist. As Charles Spurgeon reminds us, “Cling to the great truth of electing love and divine sovereignty, but let not these bind you in fetters when, in the power of the Holy Spirit, you become fishers of men.” We pray that our hearts, minds ...

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Basics 2012

Basics 2012DVD Series

date added June 11, 2012
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sku 23512DVD

The Basics 2012 Pastor’s Conference at Parkside Church was marked by a clear call for pastors to devote themselves to prayer and ministry of the Word. Teaching from Acts 6, pastors were encouraged to revisit the apostles’ theological decision to preach the Gospel, leaving the task of feeding widows to competent men in the church. While many today find themselves consumed by the latest fad or new idea, Alistair Begg affirmed that preaching and prayer are the primary duties of the pastor. Mark Dever and Voddie Baucham joined Alistair Begg for the Basics 2012 Conference on May 14-16, 2012 ...

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Basics 2013

Basics 2013DVD Series

date added May 30, 2013
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sku 23513DVD

Basics is the annual conference for pastors and Christian workers. Each year, pastors, church leaders, and seminarians are invited to join Alistair Begg & a number of guest speakers for 3 days as we reflect together on the challenges, responsibilities, and privileges that face the modern church. Basics is for men: pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and Christian workers or those training for such roles.

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