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To Know Christ
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No matter the time or place, Jesus Christ still captures our attention. How can one man inspire such strong feelings of allegience in some people and intense anger and hatred in others? Whether we’re worshipping him or debating him, it’s impossible to ignore him.

In this series of messages, Alistair Begg explores seven aspects of Christ’s identity and work, unpacking what Jesus came to earth to accomplish and what he continues to do on our behalf today. As we understand Christ better, we will gain a right perspective on ourselves and how we may serve him.

Other messages In This Series
Message Scripture ID Options
Be In Christ Matthew 11:25-30 2785
Be Like Christ Romans 8:28 2786
Humble Servant John 13:1 2787
Compassionate Shepherd Luke 7:1 2788
Personal Evangelist John 4 2789
Suffering Servant Mark 14:32 2790
Great High Priest Hebrews 10:1-18 2791
Divine King John 12:12-19 2792
Lamb on the Throne Revelation 5 2793
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