Listener Stories

“The Gospel is an invitation to be transformed by Jesus Christ.” - Alistair Begg

Read encouraging stories of how God works in the lives of those who hear His Word.

from georgia

I was a good rule follower. I thought the better I was at following the rules, the more Jesus would favor me. That is until I heard Alistair give a sermon on how trying to earn salvation by good morals would be like trying to reach the stars, even from the top of a mountain. God opened my eyes using Truth For Life. Thank you for your faithfulness to God and His Word. Don't fall into the temptation of manipulation and felt needs. Sin is sin, and God's grace through Christ and faith in Him is the only cure.

from georgia

The daily podcast has become an essential tool in my walk with Christ. It helps me to remain in fellowship with our Lord that I may better serve Him. In serving Him, I now host a small Bible study at my house using the book, "God's Big Picture." By this you can see that you not only touch those who hear your teaching, but that those who hear are spreading the message of the Holy Spirit throughout His flock.

from ontario

The seeds that Truth For Life sows on the radio reach me every morning. It has become a ritual for me after my morning walk to drive to Tim Horton's, get my decaf, find a nice parking spot and sit uninterrupted in the car and listen to the sermon every weekday morning before I start my day. I have learned a lot about God's Word from the radio program and am thankful. Truth For Life has helped me to walk in God's Word more each day.

from illinois

I would like to say thank you to Truth For Life. Two years ago, I was suffering from panic attacks and was not  walking as a Christian. I have been a Christian since I was 16 and now I am 49, so two years ago God got my attention through Truth For life. I started listening to the program on the radio, reading the Bible and praying. I even praised God for my afflictions. Well, it's been two years and I have not had a panic attack in a year-and-a-half. I thank God for helping me find Alistair Begg's ministry, Truth For Life. I am closer to God now than I have ever been. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

from california

I have been listening to Truth For Life for a few years. I attend a very fine church and have wonderful family relations after years of being a prodigal. The Lord is so kind. Two years ago I became sick with Lyme Disease.   

The series "My Times are in Your Hands" has deeply ministered to me in my daily suffering. I am grateful for these messages because they help me direct my gaze and my hope on my Lord and so the affliction is lighter and His Spirit and love sustain me. Thank you.

from texas

I have been listening to Truth For Life for almost 4 months on my way to work in the morning. The message that the Lord speaks through the program makes my days out here in the oilfield more peaceful and ultimately more enjoyable. If we start our day thinking of how we can glorify our God and live our life daily with Him, I believe we may all become closer to walking the path which He has chosen for us.

from south carolina

Though I am only 11, I have learned more about Christ the Lord Jesus than you could know. Truth For Life with Alistair Begg has helped me understand what challenges lie ahead when I get older and some of those challenges I am even facing now. Better yet, Pastor Begg has given me advice, insight, and the "Truth For Life."

from texas

I was really blessed to hear Alistair Begg's teaching about how God works through our inadequacies. Sometimes we fall into the lie of thinking that God can only use the beautiful, healthy, energetic, rich, or smart people in society...and this leaves so many of us out in one way or another. It's good to be reminded that we don't have to depend on our natural strength or energy, but only on the providence of the God we serve.

from california


I started listening to Alistair Begg in the mornings on my way to teach at my gym.  Unfortunately I always teach at 9:30 so I would often miss the last half of the sermons.  Then I downloaded the app on my IPad :)
Your "Christian Family" series is one of my favorites.  I have made copies of the HUSBANDS" and "WIVES" series and slipped  them in with newleyweds wedding gift, telling them, "these CDs are your REAL GIFT.  You will treasure them long after this gift breaks/gets spent/wears out.  I give explicit instructions that the wife is to listen to HER cd and the husband to HIS.  "Keep it in the car!" I tell them.   Your Scottish brogue is an added gift to the living water of the Word that you pour out. Never get tired of it, haha!  I have grown to look forward to my daily "watering", and in turn do my best to apply it immediately to my walk with my Savior.
Bless you and your ministry!

I started listening to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg in the mornings on my way to teach at the gym. Unfortunately, I often would miss the last half of the sermons because I taught at 9:30. Then I downloaded the app on my iPad.

The "Christian Family" series is one of my favorites. I have made copies of the "Husbands" and "Wives" series and slipped them in with wedding gifts, telling newlyweds, "these CDs are your REAL GIFT. You will treasure them long after this gift breaks or gets spent or wears out. I give explicit instructions that the wife is to listen to her CD and the husband is to listen to his. "Keep it in the car!" I tell them.

Alistair's Scottish brogue is an added gift to the living water of the Word that he pours out. I have grown to look forward to my daily "watering", and in turn do my best to apply it immediately to my walk with my Savior.


from arizona

A few years ago, I had come to the realization that I was conflicted about faith. I prayed for God to makes sense of my faith to me and prayed "I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief." Then, in an unlikely turn of events, a friend I had not seen in years gave me a CD with the sermon "From Fear to Faith", by Alistair Begg.

What I found helpful was the way in which Alistair wove together the logic and faith inherent in the discussion. As an instructor of mathematics, I had thought that faith and mathematical logic could not co-exist within the same worldview. On the contrary, after listening to Alistair's sermon, I was able to use the very logic I had thought needed to be left out of faith discussions, to conclude that the best explanation of the evidence found in Scripture is that there actually was a literal bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. This message was the pivotal message in my life which brought me to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

from pennsylvania

My sister introduced me to Alistair Begg several years ago when I was going through a very dark spiritual journey. Biblical truths taught by Pastor Begg are essential for our walk, in times of darkness and in times of light. I continue to listen to Pastor Begg several days a week, and his faithfulness to speak the truth of God's Word has helped me much. Like the Ethiopian Eunuch, we need teachers to expound God's Word. 

from west virginia

After listening to the message of the Suffering Servant, I feel as though I am closer to Jesus because He has opened my eyes to His humanity, and I have always been amazed at the fact that Jesus "laid down His life for us." No one pushed Him on the cross, He willingly laid His life down for you and I. Isn't God good! 

ben and lynda
from south australia

This year has been a trying time for our family, especially the last 6 months. We began to listen to the Truth For Life podcast and have been tremendously blessed by the Christ-centered sermons and devotionals each day. The theme music is a welcome tune as we step into our cars and drive to work each day, meditating on the undiluted, eternal truths of our Sovereign God’s Word that Alistair articulates boldly, with no compromise. We love the ‘hymnity’ and the poems. May God keep you true and faithful to His kingdom cause as He uses Truth For Life to minister to many like us across the globe.

from australia

Until recently, my husband and I had been living in Virginia. What a joy to hear Pastor Begg elucidate various Scripture passages in the time it took me to drive the 10 miles or so on my way to prison ministry. We recently moved to Australia and I have sorely missed my drives and listening to the broadcasts. It was with great joy that I finally was able to purchase an Australian cell phone on which I now have the Truth For Life mobile app. Hearing the teaching for the first time in a long time was nourishment to the mind and honey to the soul.

from ohio

I've been listening to Pastor Begg for some months now, first on my tablet and now on my iPod, while on crossing guard duty. Pastor Begg's messages have made me a hungrier student of Scripture and consequently, a Christian who is growing in my understanding of what God has done for me and is still doing for me. Thank you for your ministry!  

from florida

I learn so much about what God wants for my life by listening to Truth For Life. I am reminded to make adjustments when I get off track. Alistair lets me know that I am not alone as I struggle in some areas of my Christian walk. His teaching keeps me encouraged and motivated to keep going even when things get tough.

from iowa

It was 15 years ago that I ordered the series on Hebrews on cassette and shortly after I started listening to Truth For Life here in Iowa. It was an eventful time in my life and in the ministry I was involved with at my local church. 

Your ministry has always been a blessing to me and I try to catch it whenever I can. I usually try to time my commute to work with the broadcast and I recently learned that my brother-in-law does as well. 
Over the years, you have reminded me of the truth in the Bible, provided a timely exhortation or rebuke, given a needed warning against false ideas and doctrines; but most important, have presented the Scriptures in a way that has helped me see how beautiful and lovely our God is. 
I just wanted to encourage you and your staff today. Please thank them all for their unseen work for unseen people like me. In Christ, Nick

I try to time my commute to work with the broadcast and I recently learned that my brother-in-law does as well. Over the years, Alistair has reminded me of the truth in the Bible, provided a timely exhortation or rebuke, given a needed warning against false ideas and doctrines; but most importantly, has presented the Scripture in a way that has helped me see how beautiful and lovely our God is.


from florida

Thank you for teaching of God's Word and the style in which you do it. I'm touched, blessed, challenged, strengthened and encouraged by Truth For Life. I've grown so much in my faith because of the teachings and availability of the messages every day of my life.

from ohio

The broadcast makes me hungry for God's Word and time with Him. It's an encouragement and I'm fed by it. I haven't listened in awhile and the past couple of weeks have been a little rough, I think that's what made me come back to listen again. I'm grateful for Truth For Life and how the ministry helps me in my walk with God.

from wisconsin

I have listened to Truth for Life for several years - initially on the radio and then through podcasts. As life has presented me with ever changing challenges, the messages I listen to here give me insight into the help God gives me everyday to face these challenges. I find comfort, strength, and a biblical foundation for my faith. I am thankful for the luxary of having such a God-centered ministry available.

from california

As I'm thanking God for all His undeserved blessings in my life, so I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff of Truth For Life for teaching and preaching the Word of God with so much passion, intensity, clarity, and great care rightly dividing the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Mere words cannot adequately convey what this ministry means to me, only heaven can tell. The teaching and preaching is very humbling, challenging, encouraging, overwhelming, and sometimes chastising. One of the greatest undeserved blessings in my life is to partner with Truth For Life in this great ministry of proclaiming the Word of Truth, Jesus Christ.

darwin r.
from maryland

On September 9, 2013 I was struck by a car while working. The lady who struck me was intoxicated. I flew in the air and was tossed 20 feet away from where I was standing. Luckily, and thanks to a miracle, I landed softly on the ground as if a force carried me and gently set me down on the ground. I'm alive and I'm so blessed. The medics couldn't understand how I was undamaged; suffered no broken bones and only torn tissue that limited my ability to walk for a month. Everyday I'm thankful and I cherish every moment. The Lord is good always and all the time.

from virginia

I first heard Truth For Life on the radio in Kenai, Alaska 17 years ago. Since then, I've been blessed, admonished and encouraged immensely. I completed half of my bachelor's degree in Biblial Studies seven years agon and am finishing undergraduate work in preparation to go to seminary. Meanwhile, I am reading, "On Being a Pastor" by Alistair Begg and have learned so much from the book and the messages on the Truth For Life mobile app. I sincerely desire to follow Alistair as he follows Christ in the ministry that God has called me to. 

from california

I found Truth For Life and Alistair about 15 years ago. It was his Scottish accent that first captured my attention, but over the years it has been his faithful teaching of the Word that has kept me as a regular listener. Recently, I have also been blessed by his inclusion of many of the teachings of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, for whom I have great respect. 

from massachusetts

Finding the Truth For Life website has been the biggest blessing of my life. Listening to the teaching has changed the way I listen to music, the way I see the world, and the way that I think.

Learning the Scripture from Truth For Life has given me new eyes to see and a new brain. It is hard to explain how much I feel that I have been given a new life. I am grateful for the way in which Alistair teaches with so much certainty, clarity and devotion. My love for God has grown so much more.

james and margie
from illinois

We are always so happy to get Alistair's letters and can't explain how much the teaching blesses us from day to day. We play the CD's as we travel and are blessed all over again.

from washington

I borrowed the book, "The Hand of God" from my Mom in 2006. Sometime later, I started listening to Truth For Life through iTunes. Now, every morning as I get ready for work, I carry my iTouch with me through the house, listening to the daily broadcast. Making my bed, putting on my make-up, cooking my eggs, and taking my vitamins are all done as I listen to the Word preached. The past few years have been fraught with personal trials and loss. I'm thankful for the daily dose of Truth for my life! God bless!

from virginia

I spent 40 years largely departed from Jesus. Arrogantly, I was a happy sort of atheist that thought Christianity was a well-meaning religion that gave hope to those that needed something to believe in. That didn't apply to me of course. I was too smart and self-sufficient. By osmosis over some years in the U.S., I started to let my curiosity get the best of me. I didn't feel right discounting something that I had never really given a chance and came to know Jesus. I found Truth For Life driving in Richmond, Virginia and now listen often on the way from work or in the evening. Keep doing what you are doing.

from ohio

I heard Alistair speak about how we are justified by God without having any righteousness of our own. After that, I was hooked! I've always been an avid reader of the Bible, but the teaching gave me a God-centered outlook that truly made me focus on the reality of what the Bible says. I also focused on how God is passionate about me, in spite of me, and would have me as His own even in my sinful state, no matter the cost to Him. And it cost Him the life of Christ. 

from western cape

I lived in San Diego for 3 years and listened to Truth For Life regularly. I then had to return to South Africa. I was very thankful when I went online and realized that I could download Alistair's messages. His ministry is so straightforward, with no frills, and always encouraging and uplifting. The truth is derived accurately from the Word.


from texas

Truth For Life has been a huge blessing in my life. The everyday drag has become everyday joy. No matter how hard my heart is, the Holy Spirit uses the broadcast to touch my life each and every day. It has made me brave enough to take on life. These sermons, along with godly friends, and the Word, are just some of the ways that God uses to help me grow.

from minnesota

I appreciate the books Truth For Life recommends and makes available. I have been blessed by the ministry. 

from indiana

I listen to Truth For Life on CD on the drive to and from work. I have loaned CDs to my friends for their commutes as well. Our children grew up hearing Alistair's sermons. On summer car trip vacations, we began every day with one of the CDs. I especially remember a trip out West when we were listening to the series from Luke. I memorized Luke chapter 15 on that trip. Because of the passion of the teaching, I live and breathe the Bible and Jesus. Alistair has brought the Bible to life for me and my family. I will never be the same. Thank you so much.

from new york

God has used Truth For Life in such a powerful way in my life. Since 2006, I have listened to the radio broadcasts and online messages. Recently, He used Alistair's sermon about Jonah, "The man who said no" to gently but firmly remind me of the calling He has on my life. I had the thought "I'm just like Jonah" and 30 minutes later, pulled over in the parking lot, I just so happen to turn on the radio, and what do I hear? Alistair Begg's sermon on Jonah! I have no doubt God used that to get my attention and wake me up!

from california

Dear Pastor Begg,
About a year and a half ago I read the book, "The Beauty of Holiness", by Andrew Murray and wanted so much for our Ladies Ministry to read it for our Monday Night studies. Our leadership prayed about it and eventually they agreed. Since it did not have a study guide (that I could find) to go along with it, I told the Women's Leadership I would be willing to write a study to go along with reading the book. That way the ladies would have another tool to really get them into actually reading the book during the week. I have never written a study guide before but the Lord gave me such a burden regarding this subject of "humility", I was excited to do it. I worked on the study June-Sept and we started the study Monday nights this last September and finished Andrew Murray's book along with  the study guide this month, Feb. 2014! What I wanted you to know, is that God used you to encourage me during this time of writing the study. Everyday I listened to you on KWAVE 107.9, and was so encouraged everyday. It seemed that every message encouraged me and confirmed that God was in this project I had undertaken. Every message had something that spoke of the humility of Christ, though maybe not in those exact words! Most of the time I felt like I didn't know if I could really write this study, but each day as I listened to your message, God helped me to not give up!  This happened  so frequently. I constantly struggled with the thought ,"what makes you think you can write a study guide for Andrew Murray's book, for heaven's sake?! I had so many doubt's and so many challenges in my own heart.  The Lord  strengthened me with your "God breathed" teaching. God has truly annointed you and blessed me and I am sure, countless others, through you. God blessed the Women's Study through Andrew Murray's book and the use of the study guide. Lives have been changed! Thank you Lord and thank you dear Alistair! May God's abounding grace abound, and abound to you,
Deidre Firestone

About a year-and-a-half ago I read the book, "The Beauty of Holiness" by Andrew Murray and wanted our ladies ministry to read it together. Since there was no study guide to accompany the book, I told the women's leadership that I would be willing to write one. I had never written a study guide before, but the Lord gave me such a burden regarding the subject of "humility" that I was excited to do it. I worked on the study from June to September and our group concluded it in February. God used Alistair Begg and the teaching on Truth For Life to encourage me throughout the project. Everyday I listened on KWAVE 107.9, and was so encouraged. It seemed that every message helped me and confirmed that God was in the project with me. Every message had something that spoke of the humility of Christ, though maybe not in those exact words. Most of the time I had doubts, but each day as I listened, God helped me not to give up! The Lord strengthened me through Alistair's "God-breathed" teaching. God has truly annointed Alistair and blessed me, and I am sure countless others, through Truth For Life. God blessed the women's study through Andrew Murray's book and the use of the study guide. Lives have been changed! Thank you Lord and thank you Alistair! May God's grace abound.


from ohio

I listen to Truth For Life and always read the devotionals, which I save and print and share with others. I praise God for the ministry and the gifts He has given to Alistair. Truth For Life has touched many people with the truth of God's Word.

joseph and bernice
from florida

We express our appreciation and thanksgiving to Truth For Life and our Lord for the way we are blessed through the teaching. We listen daily and arrange our schedule to accommodate that priority.

from texas

I listen to Truth For Life on my drive into work between 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Alistair's teaching prepares me to face the demonic strongholds in my office. Each and every day, I pray before entering my workplace. The inspiring Words of God create a peaceful atmosphere in my car as I prepare to face my office. Thank you so much for answering the call to reach God's people. Be Blessed!

from indiana

I had always said that I was a Christian, but didn't really live the Christian life. I was listening to Alistair about 7 or 8 years ago on my way to work. He was preaching a series on Joseph. It really opened my eyes and made me realize what a lie I had lived and my heart changed more each day as I listened. I am so grateful that God used Pastor Begg on the radio to reach me. I love listening to his sermons, something else is always opened in my heart. Thank you so very much for your ministry!

from iowa

I was a non-believer in a high profile job. I made a mistake that made it to the front page of a large newspaper and became the top story on the 10 p.m. news. After a few weeks, I finally understood my true predicament and submitted to Jesus Christ. Everything changed.

I started listening to Truth For Life seven years ago and now listen daily on my commute to work. Pastor Begg's teachings are powerful and relevant. Truth For Life is helping me grow in my faith and in my knowledge of the Word.

from maryland

I was disfellowshipped from the Jehovah’s Witness faith in my early 20’s. I did not trust religion and felt that God was angry at me for leaving His “organization,” among other things. I thought that I was doomed to die at Armageddon for my sins. Somehow, 28 years later, I worked up the nerve to step into a church after my husband convinced me that we needed some deeper meaning to our lives. I really enjoyed the fellowship, but continued to hold on to many of my old beliefs (no Trinity, etc.). Then one day, I happened to tune into the Truth For Life radio program. Drawn in by Pastor Begg’s Scottish accent, and then by his message, I started listening every day on my way to work. His messages drove me to open my Bible and dig deeper to find out who Christ is, and the reality of God’s grace. I can’t remember the exact day or month in 2011, or even exactly what Pastor Begg was saying that day, but I do remember vividly where I was driving down the road when I gave my life to Christ. 

from louisiana

I am 55, came to know Christ at age 17, and have many preachers that I listen to; in recent years mostly online. Besides my local church, my wife and I support several ministries in a small way. None minister to me as much as Truth For Life. Thank you for your faithful preaching of the Gospel.

from indiana

I left Mormonism in 1996 and came straight into faith and the arms of Jesus. I happened onto Truth For Life and quickly the teaching got a hold of my heart! I've gathered so much from the messages and each time I listen, I learn something new and it blesses my heart! May our God continue to strengthen the ministry and prosper and bless Truth For Life abundantly! I thank Him for bringing this teaching into my life, and continuing to be a treasure!

from texas

After a tumultuous time in our young marriage, my husband and I submitted to God and decided working it out was better than divorce. I re-enrolled in college and gladly made the morning commute to finish my last year. It was one of those early mornings way back in 1998 when I stumbled across a radio station discovering Alistair in the middle of a sermon. The Scottish accent caught my attention right away. I remember coming in late to class that morning because I didn't want to miss the end of the teaching. I made a mental note of the radio station and dialed it in the next morning. I caught it early enough this time to hear the teacher's name -Alistair Begg. His Truth For Life radio program helped me in my journey of redemption and grace. A college degree, healthy marriage, and 4 kids later, I still listen to Alistar. His straightforward teaching refreshes my heart and challenges my mind and actions. And with so many ways to tune in, it's easy to share with family and friends. 

from virginia

I listen to Truth For Life with headphones before bed every night. The teaching of Alistair Begg helped lead me to Christ and now is helping me mature in my walk. The change that God has made in my life has impacted my family, my friends, my work colleagues, the kids that I coach, and many others. I now fully understand how the Gospel changes everything. There are so many things happening in my new life as God's servant. Please don't ever stop what you are doing. God is using you to bring people to the cross!

from wisconsin

I first heard Alistair preach at the Moody Bible Institute 2004 Founder's Week Conference. The focus was on prayer. I became riveted by the compelling exhortation and the message for us to focus our attention on Christ. I have never forgotten Alistair's words, "Look at Him; listen to Him; learn from Him!" Whenever I read through the Gospels, I hear those words and they remind me to fix my eyes upon Jesus.

from indiana

I listen to the podcast as I commute to work on my bicycle. Truth For Life is a regular part of my routine and devotional time as I listen to Alistair preach, and pray in response. I have valued the clear, expositional preaching for many years. I pray that Truth For Life will continue to deliver the truth of God's Word to others. The program is an encouragement in so many ways. Truth For Life played a part in my conversion. I continue to be built up by Alistair's preaching and my local church is being strengthened as a result of the ministry through me.

from tn

Truth For Life's commitment to uphold the Word of God has changed my whole life. I was lost and hurting. Long story short, I made some horrible decisions. I was at the end of my rope; my marriage was a mess and I had to do 3 years in prison as a consequence of my actions. I started listening to Truth For Life and God used the ministry mightly to change my life. I used to listen to every Christian program, but as I read the Word of God, I realized how much false teaching is out there. I thank God for TFL. You will never know this side of the veil what a blessing you are to all who listen and are moved by the truth you devote to speak. I want to say thank you and may the Lord our God pour out double-blessings upon you for upholding the truth. You do not labor in vain.

from minnesota

I have been listening to Truth For Life since 2005 and have been blessed beyond measure. I have watched as the Lord has used His Word through Alistair's preaching to encourage and form a foundation for myself and my growing family. To God be the glory!

from california

I have been hearing bad, unhealthy preaching all of my life! I have always been so close to the Word of God, yet so so far away from the God of the Word. It is not until I began listening to Alistair Begg's life-changing preaching that I have radically grown and been transformed. 

By God's grace, I am now compelled to train in seminary and go all out for Jesus.

I desire all the Slavic youth in my community to know that God's Word is not dull, but such an adventure to study! Thank you Truth For Life.

from ohio

I am greatly encouraged by Truth For Life and love the app that allows me to listen to multiple programs while cleaning for people. I also use them to redeem "wasted" time at home folding clothes and doing the dishes.

from north carolina

While I grew up in a Christian home and attended church weekly, it was the teaching of Alistair Begg that led me to a greater understanding and deeper relationship with my Savior. A few months ago my oldest child left for college (out of state), my husband quit his job to begin a new adventure starting law school, and I went back to full-time nursing to support our family financially... all tremendous blessings but stressful changes! Knowing my time would be limited, I made a commitment to get up every morning and listen to devotionals on my smartphone app (OnePlace) and stumbled upon Truth For Life. Alistair's practical and logical presentations have been a needed source of nourishment to me as I have infused my soul with God's ways before I begin my often stressful day! I find myself becoming a more understanding wife, patient parent, and compassionate nurse. I am less anxious and handle difficult situations with greater grace as I have learned (through Alistair) to rise above the trees to see the forest... how important it is to have a godly perspective! Thank you, Truth For Life team, for your devotion and commitment to sharing God's ways with me every day.

from washington

I have been blessed by Truth For Life for the past 8 years as a regular listener of the radio broadcast. Thank you so much for the teaching and the ministry. There were many times that I was moved and touched by God's words through the messages. 

from north carolina

I have listened to Truth For Life since I was in college and continue to be challenged by Alistair Begg's teaching every day.  God has opened my eyes in so many ways and I am thankful for every opportunity He gives that I may share His grace with others.  There is nothing more encouraging than tuning in on my lunch break to understand God's Word through Truth For Life.

from kwazulu-natal

I've been listening and downloading from this site for a few years and have been thoroughly blessed, challenged and encouraged by the ministry that God has granted to you. As a preacher myself, I really admire your expository style hoping to one day preach in a similar manner.  

from florida

I was introduced to Alistair Begg in October of 1998 when God hid my keys. My college commute was four hours. I could not find my keys. Five hours later, after the locksmith came, I was driving and heard Alistair on the radio preaching the sermon, "When The Wheels Fall Off". I ordered the series. A week later, I was told that I had breast cancer and those sermons blessed me through surgery and chemotherapy as a widowed mother. Thank God for Truth For Life and Alistair Begg. My keys? My son found laying in plain view. Since 1998, my love and support of Truth For Life has has grown.

from texas

Thank you for being a blessing in the lives of so many seekers around the world. Truth For Life has blessed my wife Lisa and I for many years as we've enjoyed Alistair's preaching and letters. Sharing the Gospel so clearly and compellingly is inspirational!

mike and emily
from district of columbia

We came across Alistair Begg's teaching on the radio one morning at a time when we were for searching for solid biblical preaching. We are so thankful that the Truth For Life ministry is broadcast on the radio and available online! It has been such a blessing and life-changing to hear teaching every day that is true to God's Word.

from wyoming

I was converted in March of 2010. I was a hell-destined sinner who at the time was strung out on drugs, alcohol, and pills. By God's amazing grace, He saved me. God used a portion of Scripture from Psalms 107 and a series by Alistair Begg on John 20 to minister the Gospel to my wicked heart. I was in a jail cell in Worland, WY on felony burglary charges. I ended up with a Walkman radio and the only clear reception was CSN, on which Truth For Life aired daily. It was through this preaching that God redeemed me. I heard a clear, concise Gospel message. I learned about repentance and sin and the holiness of God and my depraved state. Unto Him be the glory for my conversion from sinner to saint. 

charis and jim
from ohio

I first met Alistair at Cedarville University in September of 2001. For that Fall Bible Conference, Alistair taught "My Times are in Your Hands." I was one of the many seniors whom Alistair ministered that year. We took "My Times are in Your Hands" as our class graduation theme. The teaching provided us with the proper perspective we needed to weather that year of decisions and uncertainties. God has indeed directed my path these past 10 years (graduation, travel, a Master's Degree, a new job, and the beginning of a marriage.) 

We appreciate Alistair's commitment to letting the authority of Scripture determine the message. We have received a lot of encouragement from listening to the teaching on podcast. We are thankful for the way Alistair lets the Word point to the cross and to our Resurrected Lord. There have been times, under the full weight of conviction from God's Word, that we have realized that we needed to change things in our lives. And that can be hard, not because trying to live a righteous life is hard, but because sometimes we would just rather stay the same than change. 

Thank you for teaching God's Word in a uniquely wonderful way. 

from wisconsin

Truth For Life has been my faithful morning commute companion for years and I simply want to say 'thanks.' The Lord's words through your teaching are a beautiful way to start the day.

from california

I have found great encouragement in the teaching from Truth For Life and my gratitude could never be fully expressed. 

thomas & lynn
from wyoming

We love the teaching on Truth For Life and feel totally blessed to be able to listen every day. We also enjoy Pastor Begg's accent and great humor. We have several of his sermons downloaded for travel and easy access when the Internet is not available. Thank you Pastor Begg and Truth For Life for your obedience to Christ and teaching us the Word of God in Spirit and Truth.

from north carolina

I began listening to Truth For Life when I was training for a marathon and wanted to find a podcast to listen to while on long runs. I listened to several that, at best, were "fluff" and, at worst, were scary. But Alistair's sermons were different. Through my 18 weeks of training, I logged over 460 miles with Truth For Life playing on my headphones. It has become such a habit that I still tell my friends and family that I'm "Going for a run with Pastor Begg." Some days I don't know what I enjoy more, the run listening to the Word of God. It is a special time for me.

from tennessee

I was saved by grace through faith on March 7, 2013 after two weeks of listening to Truth For Life each day on my morning commute, and throughout the day on my smartphone. I have an unquenchable thirst for the Scripture and I truly believe that our gracious Lord is using Truth For Life in an amazing way. I am 34 years old and I am excited for the Lord's will for me.

from kentucky

Truth For Life's messages fill me with hope and are such a blessing to me. They help me dwell on the good things, noble things, godly truths which help me very much. Listening to the Bible teaching on Truth For Life prepares my mind before I sleep. The truth that God is 'working all things for good for those who love Him' is a very hopeful message. I take comfort in knowing that God has a plan for my life and that the Holy Spirit is sanctifying me. I want to share that message with others.

from new south wales

I praise and thank the Lord that Alistair Begg's ministry reaches me, even though I live on the other side of the planet. I discovered Truth For Life 10 years ago and it has been a great blessing to me since. The Bible says that the Lord daily loads us with His benefits. And, oh! what loads and loads of benefits I get from listening to the messages from Alistair! I learn truth. I am encouraged. I am reprimanded and corrected. I learn to deal with serious trials. I learn to share the Gospel. And the list goes on. Truth For Life has taught me to set my sights on things above, to glorify God and His Name in my daily life, and most of all, Truth For Life has helped me tremendously to draw nearer to God. 

from missouri

I read Truth For Life's daily devotionals online. The Holy Spirit has consistently demonstrated His presence and comfort to me during these brief instructive and inspirational readings. This rich experience is the highlight of the day for me. I feel that God Himself comes through and interacts with me and am often motivated to seek ways to share what I am experiencing with others!

from florida

In October of 2013, I began having my three foster children listen to Alistair Begg with me in the car. My 9-year-old daughter absolutely loves him. One evening in March, we were reading the Scripture and I asked her why she thinks some people don't want to ask Jesus to be their Savior? Her response was, "Because some people think they are too good and others think they are too bad." She looked up and said, "Thank you Alistair Begg."

from south carolina

I travel for a living and listen to Truth For Life on my iPod. I have over 1,000 sermons on it and growing. The Spirit's work through Truth For Life has been transforming in ways I could not explain in 1,000 pages so I will just say thank you.

from philippines

In October of 2009, I met my husband online. It is through him that I learned about Truth For Life. I live in the Philippines and he is in the States so we correspond everyday online. Listening to the sermons from Truth For Life is a big part of our growing relationship as I am growing in my Christian walk. Truth For Life is a part of my everyday life and I actively tell people about the ministry and the teaching. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the Lord. 

from indiana

I find myself driving quite a bit with work. Being able to access Truth For Life in the car is a blessing!

Alistair taught about the Ten Commandments and about the importance of keeping the Sabbath. He described what went on in his home as a child. I was convicted of my casualness on Sundays; letting work slip in via emails and doing paperwork. The Sabbath is serious. God rested (as I assume it was more of an example than a necessity). It's serious that He included it in the Ten Commandments so I'm observing it more and seeking to honor God. 

from connecticut

When I hear the Bible translated to listeners on Truth For Life, it is like nothing I have ever heard before. I wish I could fully describe the connection I feel to God through the teaching as you send His message to the world. I have listened to hundreds of Truth For Life teachings and I must say that every single one of them spoke directly to my heart. I have a clearer understanding of God's Word over the past year. My walk with the Lord has never been better or on firmer ground. Glory be to God.

mark and carolena
from virginia

Just today I was listening to the sermon 'Threats to Spiritual Wholeness' when Pastor Begg prayed, 'Lord, it is not a matter of routine that causes us to bow before you, but a matter of great need.' How that has gripped my heart and mind today. I find myself so often in the 'routine' of spiritual discipline, of Christian effort; when the effort of 'doing' strangles out the hunger of 'being'. Then, God in His mercy, brings to my ears the reminder of the 'desperation' needed to walk humbly with Him through the heartfelt prayer of His servant. 

We have seen God grow us and mature us through the constant encouragement to study the Word on our own, in our home. That has made such an impact on us for God truly honors His Word when His children seek Him. Be faithful and be encouraged! Too much work left to do; too many lives need the Gospel given. We can't rest just yet. God has much left for Truth For Life to do! Amen! 

from ontario

I've been listening to Alistair Begg on Truth For Life for almost a decade. I've downloaded so many sermon series to my BlackBerry and listen on the drive to and from work and while at the gym for personal devotion. I've shared sermons with my church's men's group recently for our nightly devotions. My daughter, who recently graduated from college, and I have started the Faith that Works series on the Book of James from way back in 2007! Thanks Alistair and Truth For Life team for impacting us for the kingdom in so many ways.

from oklahoma

I am a Christian minister of the Gospel. God has used the preaching of Alistair Begg to strengthen and encourage me many times. While working as a mental health counselor, I took my lunch break in my vehicle so that I could hear the Word preached by Alistair. During that half hour, my soul was nourished and refreshed by the Holy Spirit; I could finish my day joyfully!

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