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What is Truth For Life?

Truth For Life is the Bible-teaching ministry of Alistair Begg. The ministry’s mission is “to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that unbelievers will be converted, believers will be established and local churches will be strengthened.” To read more about Truth For Life please visit our About page and Mission page.

Who is Alistair Begg?

Alistair Begg is the Bible teacher of Truth For Life and pastor of Parkside Church. Born in Scotland, Alistair came to the United States to serve as head pastor of Parkside Church in 1983. You can learn more about Alistair on his bio page.

Does Truth For Life have a statement of faith?

Yes. You can read it online.

Can you tell me more about Parkside Church?

Parkside is a Bible-teaching church in suburban Cleveland, Ohio whose mission is “to see unbelieving people become committed followers of Jesus Christ.” You may learn more about Parkside church at their website.

How do I become a Christian?

The Bible tells us that we must repent of our sins and believe in Christ Jesus in order to be a Christian. Read more about what this means.

Where can I hear Alistair speak?

Because he is the Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, OH, you may hear Alistair in person by visiting the church on Sunday. However, Alistair does travel and speak at local churches, conferences and events. You can stay up to date on Alistair’s speaking schedule by reviewing the online itinerary.

How many books has Alistair written or edited?

Alistair has written or edited nine books:

How many stations is Truth For Life currently aired on?

Because Truth For Life is constantly expanding by the grace of God, it is difficult to provide an exact number of stations. At present, however, the Truth For Life broadcast is aired on over 1,800 radio outlets. Find an outlet near you.

Where can I hear Truth For Life?

The Truth For Life broadcast is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week online. If you wish to listen to the broadcast on your local radio station, please use our station locator to see where Truth For Life is carried in your area. We are constantly expanding, so check back frequently to see if we have been added to your local station!

How can I contact Truth For Life?

You may contact Truth For Life via email, postal mail, or telephone. For a listing of all contact information, please visit the Contact Us Page.

Does Truth For Life have a recommended reading list?

Yes. You can view suggested readings in our resource center.

How will Truth For Life use my donation?

Truth For Life is committed to financial stewardship excellence. Full transparency and accountability are a ministry priority. Financial gifts made to Truth For Life fund the ministry’s mission to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that unbelievers will be converted, believers will be established, and local churches will be strengthened.

You can access more financial and accounting reports on our Stewardship page.

What are Truthpartners?

The backbone of Truth For Life! Truthpartners are people who stand behind the mission of Truth For Life and sustain the ministry through prayer and monthly financial support so that people around the world can hear the Truth of God’s Word on the radio, online, and through the mobile apps. Their faithful giving also helps to make our “at cost” store possible, removing the barrier of cost so that all have access to Truth For Life’s resources. To read more, visit our Truthpartner Program page.

How can I support Truth For Life?

Our ministry is dependent on the prayer and financial support of our listeners. Here are some ways that you can financially support the ministry:

  1. Become a Truthpartner and support the ministry with monthly gift.
  2. Make a general donation toward our ongoing financial needs.
  3. Underwrite a specific project or need by emailing Truth For Life at customerservice@truthforlife.org or calling 1-888-588-7884.
  4. Remember Truth For Life for year-end giving by donating online or calling 1-888-588-7884.
Each gift is greatly appreciated and goes directly toward sharing the teaching of the Gospel. Contributions to Truth For Life are tax deductible. We are committed to the highest standards of stewardship.

What is the Truth For Life theme music?

The theme music is the hymn called “the Old One-Hundredth” or the “Doxology.” Alistair chose this music as our theme in memory of his mother, who penned some verses from the 100th Psalm in her last letter to him while he was away at college.

Can you help with my ebook?

I requested an ebook with my donation. When will I receive it?
Shortly after your order for the ebook goes through, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your book as well as a link on the donation confirmation page. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.

How do I download an ebook from Truth For Life?
Follow this step by step guide from Truth For Life.

Can I download the ebook again?
At this time, Truth For Life allows you to re-download the ebook files from the link we send for up to 14 days after which the download will not work. We ask that you save/store the files in a safe place and if required, you may contact customer service for help.

How can I read the ebook?
When you request an ebook, you will receive three file formats: ePub, Mobi, and PDF. Ebooks are accompanied by a readme file with instructions for installation on the more popular platforms. For ePub, you can use iBooks on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and Aldiko or Cool Reader on your Android devices. (Note, however, that ePubs containing video are only supported in iBooks on iOS devices.) Mobi works on all Kindle models, and Kindle for Mac or PC. PDFs can be read on Adobe Acrobat or Preview, as well as Sony Reader and Nook devices.

Why am I not receiving download emails?
You may need to check your spam folder if you do not receive emails from Truth For Life after your donation/order within 15 minutes. If you encounter problems receiving emails/downloads, please add customerservice@truthforlife.org to your contacts list which should solve this in the future and contact us for assistance.

Online Accounts with Truth For Life:

If I previously had an online account, why do I need to create a new one?

We've enhanced our website. Your self-service account will now provide many more features than ever before. In order to access these features, a new account must be created.

What new self-service features are available?

Along with updating contact information and email preferences, you will be able to view past purchase and donation history and update your Truthpartner preferences, if applicable.

As a Truthpartner, are there any new features?

All Truthpartners will now be able to update contact information, Truthpartner status information (including credit card numbers and monthly pledge amounts), see purchase and donation history, and request the monthly resources.

As a Truthpartner, can I request my monthly resource(s) on my new account?

Yes. Truthpartners giving $20 or more each month are eligible to receive both monthly resources, as well as the Message of the Month. These items can all be requested on the Truthpartner Status tab on your account.

Can I cancel or change my Truthpartner monthly pledge on my new account?

Yes. You will have the ability to change giving amount, giving date, credit card information, or cancel your Truthpartnership if necessary.

If I am not a Truthpartner, can I sign up to be one on my account?

Yes. On the Truthpartner Status tab, select “Become a Truthpartner Today” and complete the form.

If I create a new account, will my previous store history be deleted?

No. The new account you create will include previous order history and will now include giving history, personal information, and Truthpartner information, if applicable.

How do I create a new account?

Simply click create account and fill in your personal information. You will receive a confirmation email that will ask you to verify your email address. Upon receipt of this email, you can create a password to complete account registration.

Can I register with a social media account?

Yes. You will have the option to register with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account information.

I used to request my monthly resources using the Truthpartner Resource Request form on the website. Can I still use that form?

No. You now must login to your self-service account first to request your resources on the Truthpartner Status tab.

What happens if I create my account and don't see my giving history?

This is likely because the information you gave us to create your online account didn't match with what we have on file. See contact information below for further assistance.

If I have further questions, who should I contact?

Select the "Support" sidebar to submit your question or call us at 888-588-7884 M-F 8-5pm EST.