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App FAQs

How can I download the most recent version of the Truth For Life app?

If you’ve never downloaded the app to your mobile phone or tablet, go to your app store and search ‘Truth For Life.’ The app is free.

For existing Apple Users:
If you have the current version of the app installed on your Apple device (iPhone and/or iPad), go to the App store and select ‘Updates’ on the bottom menu. Find Truth For Life’s app and select the update option. Once the update is complete, re-open the app and the new version will appear.

For existing Android Users:
If you have the current version of the app installed on your Android, go to the app store, and search for ‘Truth For Life.’ Find the new version of the app, which will have a blue logo and the option to download. Select download and the new version of the app will download to your device. Make sure to delete the old app from your device.

What new features are in the most recent version?

Search for a series, sermon, broadcast, or devotional by topic, title or key word.

Tag sermons, series, broadcasts, or devotionals as a favorite to be saved in your new personal FAVORITES folder.

Browse a list of recent sermons, series, broadcast, and daily devotionals that you can select to hear, watch, or read. Scroll down past the list of recent sermons or series to find teaching by topic.

Download desired teaching to be saved in your new personal DOWNLOADS folder so that you can listen or watch again.

Easily share a sermon, broadcast, series, or daily devotional with someone else through text messaging, email, or social network.

Access your online account
You can easily sign into your online account through the app.

What kind of device do I need to download the app?

Any Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet.

How does the search feature work?

  1. Select ‘Search’ in the bottom bar on the home screen
  2. Depress the search icon in the top, left corner
  3. Type in your search criteria (topic, title, or key word)
  4. Depress the tab that serves as the enter key on your device (for example, the ‘return’ tab on the iPhone).
  5. A list of series, sermons, broadcasts, and devotionals that match your search criteria will be displayed.

If you’re looking for just a devotional on a particular topic, or just a single sermon on a topic, simply select the category from the four gray highlighted boxes to narrow your search.

How does the browse feature work?

  1. Select ‘Browse’ at the bottom of the home screen
  2. In the top gray bar, select sermons, series, or devotionals to browse the most recent teaching within each category

If you’d like to search deeper, you can browse the entire Truth For Life sermon and series archive by topic and subtopic or search the devotional archive by year.

How do I save teaching to my Favorites folder?

Depress the heart icon in the light gray bar (located on the far left just below the message graphic) and it will automatically be saved in your favorites file.

To later access your favorite teaching, select the 'My Library' icon at the bottom right of the home screen, then select FAVORITES. You’ll see your favorite teaching saved under the headings: Devotionals, Broadcasts, Sermons, and Series.

How do I share a message or devotional with someone else?

Selecting the … icon (locate in the narrow gray bar on the far right) just below the message graphic of the teaching you want to share.

Then, select the “Share” option and choose how you’d like to share the message. You can share by text, email, or through social channels to which you subscribe. There is no limit on the number of messages or devotionals that can be shared.

How do I find a past broadcast?

Select the home icon on the bottom menu. Select the date under the Truth For Life logo at the top of the screen. A calendar will drop down and you can select the date you would like to hear or scroll to the right and find a broadcast from a previous month.

Can I access my online account through the app?

Yes. Click on the icon that is a person in the top righthand corner and use the same username and password as you would on It will then log you into your online account and you can access your past giving history as well as contact and Truthpartner information.

Can I request the monthly resource through the app?

Yes. The monthly resource will be displayed on the home screen, right below the daily program. Click on the image and you’ll be directed to the donate page where you can make your donation and request the resource.

Can I sign into the app with a social media account?

Yes. You can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account information.

Is there a cost for the app?

No. The app is free to download and listening, sharing, and saving messages is all free.