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Alistair Begg's April Letter

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Dear Friend,

Alistair BeggWarmest Christian greetings.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal addressed the potential for technology to fix our broken world. It got me thinking about how to engage our friends in discussions about Jesus.

There is no conversation more sobering than one with a friend who confronts us with the statement, "I have no idea where I’ve come from and I have no idea where I’m going." For us as Christians, it is not only unimaginable to envision life with no sense of origin and no sense of destination, but the stunning acknowledgement of this reality among those we care about must compel us to share the Gospel.

While our culture suggests that we are empowered to create our own identity and chart our own course, this view leaves us unable to answer the fundamental questions, "Who am I?", "Why am I here?", and "Where am I going?" For those who either don’t know, or refuse to accept, the One who created them, having no answer to "Where am I going?" is particularly unsettling.

There is only one place to find comfort and assurance in the search for where we fit within the larger picture. The historicity of Christ and the tangible evidence of His death and resurrection may resonate most with those seeking purpose and understanding. I suggest the factual record of Jesus as a place to begin the dialogue with friends and relatives who are adrift.

These discussions are helped, of course by prayer, but also by a comprehensive understanding of the Scripture. This demands that we are devoted to reading our Bibles and equally devoted to correctly interpreting what the Bible says. This is not an endeavor to undertake alone. It is important to study under the guidance of a pastor who has both the training and conviction to teach with Book "Rock Solid"boldness and clarity. It is a priority to help pastors remain steadfast in the Word. Our annual conference for pastors is scheduled for May 13-15 and you may find your local pastor grateful for the opportunity to attend. (Registration is online at truthforlife.org/basics.)

Our resource this month will also be helpful as you look to introduce Christ to those who are searching but not finding. The book, Rock Solid, explores 12 essential Gospel truths and will be a good reference source to draw from when sharing and explaining our beliefs as Christians. We carefully select resources that supplement our broadcast each month. The book Rock Solid is a helpful companion to our broadcast study in 1 Corinthians, Firm Foundation, which looks to the teaching of the Apostle Paul for how to live according to God’s instruction.

Your prayerful and financial support of the ministry make it possible for us to assure those who don’t know where they are going that there is life everlasting in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for your enabling partnership.


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