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Free Book Giveaway Winners Chosen!

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Free book giveaway: Christ of ChristmasCongratulations to 25 winners chosen to receive "The Christ of Christmas" as our free book giveaway in December. We've sent an email to the following entries asking for an address. Merry Christmas!

  • Robert Hennick
  • Franklin Sciutto
  • Michael Kitchens
  • Jim Carlson
  • Thomas Makhlouf
  • Ann Champlin
  • Bonnie Covey
  • Deborah Brine
  • Janelle Hancock
  • Melanie Pigott
  • Joe Cox
  • Nancy Cahalan
  • Chad Kremer
  • Heather Koczan
  • Melinda Zeiter
  • Mike Mann
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Paul Russell
  • Carl Nelson
  • Sandra Beckman
  • Lisa Prince
  • Nicholas Franklin
  • Yvonne Reimer
  • Brian Mann
  • Joylynn Pilapil


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