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Letter from Alistair: "Not Merely a Human Invention"

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Dear Friends,

Alistair BeggThank you for the many letters which we receive gladly and read with care. It is humbling to discover the ways in which God's Word is at work in so many lives. As I look at the postmarks on the envelopes, I am made aware of the reach of the broadcast. The radio reaches places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

We are receiving an ever-growing mailbag from prisoners who tell us that they are discovering, even in their incarceration, freedom in Christ. In light of this, we hope to visit one or two prisons in the next six months. When we visit a city, our plan will be to add a prison visit to our usual event schedule for pastors and listeners.

These letters contain not only encouragements, but often they include requests for counsel and advice. It seems clear that some who write look to us for both. From the outset of Truth For Life, our intention was to steer people seeking individual counseling in the direction of a local church. This is in keeping with our desire to see local churches strengthened. I appreciate the willingness of so many to share openly about life's struggles and to state questions so clearly. While we cannot respond to these requests individually, many private concerns become the focus of our prayer team and are tended to with great care.

The materials we make available address many of the issues that are raised in listeners' letters. This month's resource is a good illustration of this. David Wells begins his treatment of the Trinity by observing:

"This much is certain. Had the Christian faith merely been a human invention, Christians would never have come up with the doctrine of the Trinity."

In reviewing a pre-publication copy of this booklet, I described it as: "As good a summary of this vital doctrine as I have ever read." I hope you will purchase multiple copies so that you can make them available to high school and college students, many of whom are unclear about the importance of this truth.

I am happy to think about the way in which we are helping to build your libraries with essential Christian literature. The printed page continues to hold its own in the high-tech world of social networks. With that in mind, you may be interested to learn that our mobile app continues to be downloaded in the thousands, and orders for audio teaching are nearly 50% ahead of this time last year. This is due in large part to our new "at-cost" pricing model. We want to be able to say with Paul that we do not want to peddle the Word of God for profit.

Your consistent financial partnership is crucial. We still do not cover our costs month to month. We are making progress but still miss the mark to the tune of $65,000 each month. We prayerfully and confidently anticipate a day when that will no longer be the case.

In closing let me tell you what a treat it is to have you visit us here at Parkside. Last Sunday I met a listener from the Bronx who detoured to Cleveland while heading to Colorado in order that she could worship with us. I hope many more of you will follow her example and enjoy the sights and sounds of life lived in the "heart of it all" of this wonderful country.

For all of us with love in the Lord Jesus,


Request this month's resource "What is the Trinity?"

Book: "What is the Trinity?"


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