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A listener comments on this month's resource "Who Am I?"

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Audio Book narrated by Alistair BeggThank you for making available to us the audio book "Who am I?" I received it today and listened to it this evening. It is going to be very helpful for me.

I have struggled with the assurance of salvation for over 30 years. This resource fills in some answers to my questions about why I always feel so guilt ridden to the point I don't think I am saved. I think listening to this a few more times and letting the truth contained in it sink in will free me from the fiery darts that have long pierced my heart.

I ordered several copies of the audio book to hand out to many people I know who could also benefit. This is an excellent resource. Thank you so much for making it available at an affordable price so I can share it. If you hadn't done this, I would never have gotten it...and I might have never known.

Thank you for narrating it. I enjoy listening to your voice. It is a gift to me. God is good to me through you and your faithful ministry.


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