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Listener Stories: Week 48, 2011

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Do you support Truth For Life? Praise God with us and be encouraged as you read just some of last week's comments from listeners and friends...

Greetings from Budapest! My wife, Robin, and I serve here as missionaries... We listen to the Truth for Life podcasts while fixing meals or washing dishes in the kitchen. Your ministry has been a real encouragement to us, especially the series on Joseph. Things have been a bit tough lately and these messages remind us to keep an eternal perspective and to trust in our Lord's sovereignty. Our three teenage children also enjoy Alistair's messages. Robert downloads the podcasts to listen while doing chores or taking public transit. Thank you for making these resources available to us. May the Lord bless and use you mightily for the advance of the Gospel!
Ron and Family from Hungary

For years I have been blessed by listening to Truth For Life on the way to work. I would not accept a more desirable schedule because I did not want to miss a broadcast. Now that I can download free podcasts, I have changed my work schedule and can grow in Christ on my way to work at 5:00 a.m. I am a Truthpartner and avid listener. Thank you so much for enabling people like me to listen whenever we can!
Edie from Texas

Thank you for your Bible teaching. I listen Monday-Friday. Your teaching is helpful and insightful. I care for my 75 year-old husband who has the diagnosis of Parkinson's (10 years). Your teaching is an encouragement to me and helps me keep my focus on Jesus and the Word.
Carolyn from Florida

Thanks so much for your ministry! I listen every morning while I am getting ready for work on KFAX out of San Francisco. Such a feast! Thanks for all of the great teaching!
Julie from California

I am continually blessed by the radio ministry on KQCV in Oklahoma City. The recent series on Joseph has rocked my world in a necessary direction. I plan on purchasing several copies of the series as gifts. I am eternally grateful that, in the Providence of God, He has permitted, indeed, arranged, for me to cross paths with Pastor Begg and walk alongside on this road of life together.
Betty Jo Ross from Oklahoma

Thank you so much for all you do. I listen every day and I have grown so much since I started listening this summer. Hope you can make it out to Arizona sometime soon. I will be praying for your ministry and church
Adam & Georgia from Arizona

Thank you for the excellent teachings provided by Truth For Life. Alistair Begg has become one of my spiritual role models and his deep but practical attitudes toward life enrich my own understanding of how to approach the prospect of living, especially letting Christ have the throne and gaining spiritual maturity. His quotations of bygone saints and modern authors and hymnists do an excellent job of getting his point across and they are one of the elements of Mr. Begg's teaching that I learn from the most.
Joel from Indiana

Thank you for your podcasts! I have a 45 minute commute to work and I listen at least one a day via a podcast app on my Droid. They keep me focused on what truly matters and keep me energized to follow the word. Alistair Begg's lessons are like a daily pep rally for the Lord! I often find myself with a big grin and shouting "yes!" or "amen!" while listening to his lessons. (I'm sure I look odd to other motorists.) Also thank you for making these lessons free. I can share them with my husband as we grow closer to the Lord together. I am sincerely grateful for your existence.
Christine from Florida

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