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Listener Stories: Week 19, 2012

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Listener storiesIf you have any way of passing this onto Alistair personally, please tell him how truly grateful I have been from what I have learned and been challenged with in the last year since I began listening to him. I am 24 years old, and was working in a warehouse shipping department, and would listen to him on my headphones while working. I have taken advantage of the free downloads as well (my favorite series being "Why Bother With the Bible"). On the 20th of April last month, our entire company was shut down, and I am currently unemployed. It is definitely God's timing, because I began pursuing His calling for me in life. By His grace I will be starting school here in the summer towards preaching God's Word. Truth For Life has been one of the greatest blessings for me to partake in! In one sermon Alistair had said he stays up at night wondering and hoping if his students are learning anything--please pass along that this student has!

Alistair--Your words have hurt me deeply, and I thank you. Seldom if ever have I found a friend I've never met. Only when a man's words are from Christ Jesus does this happen. One cannot underestimate the power of words.

Alistair--We have never met, but when we do, I will be able to personally thank you for the spiritual mentoring you have given me since I was saved over six years ago. After thanking you, I will then have to apologize for using some of your best lines and points from your teachings in my own ministry! Bless you, my brother! In His everlasting grip...

I've had the chance to listen to Alistair as I drive to college. What struck me was when he was teaching and telling his congregation of how he himself was changing. I respect a shepherd who admits to his flock the he too is in the process of learning. I also thought it great when Alistair mentioned how studying the Bible changed his outlook on life. Preachers like this who are being molded by God allow others to follow his lead. Thank you for your ministry and for this book!

I want to personally thank you for your in-depth instruction. I have recently lost my father to a very surprising heart attack. Unfortunately death is something I have been accustomed to because of my current occupation of being in the Marine Corps. Your instruction and study of the Bible has aided me during a challenging time in my life. I wrote the following text the night after I found out my father passed and I want to thank you for helping me come to this realization.
April 27, 2012: My loss gives others strength... I have been broken down to the very fundamentals of myself. The down and dirty aspects of the Lord have been given to me in the form of loss. Let this be my day of strength, since it is the Lord who instructs my faculties in such ways I do not understand. I have reversed my way of thinking because it is the only language the Lord speaks. He speaks in terms that are not natural to me, so I pray for the strength to conform to his will in the form of faith. And I conform to the best of my ability with his guidance and help. He teaches me in a way that would seem cruel to some but extremely necessary to others. My strength is the ability to try and understand what the instruction means. Through the text I search, through my clarity I begin to understand, under the shadow I climb, through the haze of my own instincts I grow, because it is the Lord I give my soul to...

I heard your message on Bott radio on May 5, 2012. I was so enthusiastic when listening to the message. I want you to know that your message was absolutely perfect. Yes, I was elated! Stick to the truth always and never veer from that which is true. I want to give you a hearty "well done." Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am learning and growing with you in the ministry. As you speak, the Spirit wells up in me with verification...

I have listened to "A Warning Against Laziness" possibly 10 times tonight. That is not an exaggeration. Alistair, this is like 10,000 volts of electricity to my heart! Because of the economy I now work the graveyard shift. I routinely go home from work feeling the worst type of exhaustion I have ever experienced. There have been moments recently where I have collapsed, where my body just gives out. I'm not looking for sympathy in explaining my exhaustion, but I will say that because I am this tired I have found myself leaving things undone. Things I can't live without. I find it extremely hard to attend church without falling asleep. Reading my Bible is the same, and add to that list significant time in prayer. I a wrestling daily to make time with God happen. I'm so ashamed to say this, but often it's left undone. This is so unacceptable! I'm a single father so my times at home are consumed with my kids and basic upkeep of my home. I have more excuses to pitch my tent in the valley than I know what to do with. So it has made it so easy to excuse myself without guilt for not devoting time to God. I have been living in failure. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in your congregation. Because of their giving I was lucky enough to hear this message. Thank you! Like I said, I have listened 10+ times and my heart is absolutely on fire. I don't feel at all discouraged tonight. I may be at a disadvantage, but those disadvantages are to glorify God and not to excuse failure. Again thank you Parkside, if I could hug all of you I would!

I listen to Truth for Life from 5-5:30 on 107.1 KNKT in Albuquerque, NM. Thank you for airing the teaching that consistently challenges me to grow in my relationship with Christ. I appreciate how Alistair makes such practical, real-life applications of the scripture.

Good Morning. I wanted to say thank you to the supporting cast of the Truthpartner program. Upon receiving my phone inquiries, all of them have been gracious, patient and helpful! I can be difficult at times! So thank you all! God bless your work.

Dear Truth For Life--I have been blessed to hear Alistair while I drive my FedEx Route. I look forward to the program every day for its clarity and encouragement in the faith. Alistair has his finger on the pulse of the American tragedy taking place and yet there is hope in the Gospel . The program helps me to stay focused on the "Mission Possible" known as the Good News! I love those who love the truth and are willing to speak it without compromise or apology. That is why I said in my heart a couple weeks ago while driving and listening to Alistair, "It's time to partner with y'all" (pardon my southern). I feel great joy and comfort in doing just that. Ah, the truth does set us free in various ways, this being one of them. Thank you all and blessings!

Dear Alistair--My wife and I have listened to your program on WGNB at 89.3 for the past two years. We very much enjoyed the series that you taught about Joseph. We have been blessed by your ministry and have appreciated your teaching on the sovereignty of God and your verse-by-verse exposition of scripture. My wife and I are both eighty years of age and are on a fixed income therefore we are not able to give support to ministries other than our church. But, at the start of the year, God was gracious to us and sent us an extra gift of which we want to give to you...a one-time contribution of fifty dollars. May God continue to bless you as you continue to serve Him.
-Gerald and Alice

Dear Rev Begg--Just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate your inspiring and thoughtfully relevant messages on WMHR. Your humor and common sense make scriptures come alive to many Christians who may be despondent in these difficult times.

Greetings--I just want you to know that I appreciate the opportunity to download your broadcast. I copied several to a flash drive recently and was able to listen and reflect as I drove from VT to KY which was a blessing. Thank you for the work you do. May this small contribution help you provide free downloads and CD's at a low cost, and may God bless your ministry.

Please tell Pastor Begg that his podcasts are a blessing to us...especially to my wife when I am away from home. Stand Firm.

This ministy has been so much help to me and my family. I grew up not knowing the Lord and sinning everyday without thought and He has saved my life more than once. It has been through this ministry--the text messages, the emails, the free downloads...what a true blessing. My wife and I have decided to give every month. I pray for each and every one of you there doing God's work. May He bless you all with His eternal love.

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