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New Series: Life in the Spirit

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The book of Romans, often considered the most significant book of the Bible, not only has importance in historical Christianity, but also within Alistair’s life as a pastor. In his early years as pastor of Hamilton Baptist Church in Scotland, he promised his congregation that he would preach through Romans and finish. His commitment to his congregation was one of the reasons he did not immediately accept a senior pastor position in a little church in Cleveland, Ohio. However, upon finishing Romans, he did.

Within the last year, Alistair has returned to this theologically rich book and to chapter 8, which will be the focus of our broadcast series Life in the Spirit and our resource of the month How the Gospel Brings us All the Way Home by Derek W.H. Thomas. Martin Luther said Romans 8 was so deep in truth about God and our life in Christ that every Christian ought to have the whole chapter memorized and meditate on it daily.

We hope this series will deepen your understanding of what Christ has done, who you are in Him and how you should live. To listen to or watch Lite in the Spirit, visit our website. You can also request How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home there as well.

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