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Teach the Young People in Your Life about the Love of God

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 Teach the Young People in Your Life about the Love of God

Share the love of God and the good news of salvation through Christ with the young people in your life. At Truth For Life, we carefully select books that help you become more deeply established in your faith. This month, we're offering a book designed to help you introduce the Bible to the next generation.

Award-winning author and illustrator Phil Smouse brings Bible stories to life for young children in a fun, brightly illustrated book that can be enjoyed by the whole family!  

My Best-Ever Book of Bible Stories includes:

  • 17 cleverly retold, key Bible stories, such as “Adam and Eve,” “The Good Samaritan,” and “Jesus and Nicodemus”
  • Solid, memorable teaching in humorous, Dr. Seuss-style language and rhyme
  • Engaging, full-color illustrations throughout

If you are already a Truthpartner, call Customer Service at 1.888.588.7884 or email Truth For Life at truthpartners@truthforlife.org to request this monthly resource.



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