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The Transforming Power of the Gospel

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Excerpt of Jerry Bridges "The Transforming Power of the Gospel"This month's featured offer is a tremendous book from Jerry Bridges entitled "The Transforming Power of the Gospel." Alistair Begg writes the following about this resource:

“Jerry Bridges tells us what we must never forget: God’s ultimate purpose for His people is to conform them to the image of His Son. Combining his characteristic brevity and lucidity, Bridges reminds us why it matters and how it is accomplished.”

Declaring that the Gospel is not just for non-Christians, Jerry Bridges examines how Jesus' work applies to the life of believers. You'll reflect on the Gospel as the true power for transformation, explore the role of the Holy Spirit in sanctification, and grow in your understanding of God's grace and its manifestation. (Includes study questions. Paperback; 192 pages; Fair Market Value: $15)

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