We’re Almost There!

New Building FacadeGod has used Truth For Life to proclaim the Gospel to an ever-growing global audience. In fact, we've outgrown our current space and are building a new home to keep pace with the increasing demand for clear, relevant Bible teaching. A funding gap of $1 million is all that remains to construct a debt-free building.

Individual Donors

A small group of listeners have contributed 38%.

Board Members

The Truth For Life Board of Directors has funded 20%​.

Truth For Life

Since 2010, Truth For Life has contributed 37%.

Remaining Funds Needed

Will you help close the gap? 5%

Funds Needed for Completion

  • $1,500,000
    Apr ’15
  • $1,000,000
    Sep ’15
  • $600,000
    Nov ’16

Thank you to so many who have generously supported this important project.

Chart - 5% of remaining funds are needed

An Exciting Season of Expansion

Since the beginning, Truth For Life has operated out of classrooms on the second floor of Parkside Church. During the past three years however, the ministry has experienced a season of unprecedented growth. Now distributing the daily program freely through radio, the website, ​two mobile app​s, ​on podcast, through ROKU and AmazonFire TV, and 'at cost' on CD and DVD, Truth For Life reaches millions around the world.

Accelerated growth has outpaced the capacity of Truth For Life. There is no room left to grow.

Our CURRENT Floor Plan

For 20 years, the Truth For Life radio broadcast has been produced from a classroom within Parkside Church. As the ministry has grown and expanded programming to include distribution through podcast, smartphones, tablets, and now Facebook, smart T.V., and online sites like YouTube, the demand for more teaching, in more ways, has outpaced current capacity.

The Truth For Life team currently performs the following functions in the limited space you see graphically represented above:

  • Manage over 1,700 radio station relationships
  • Produce the daily program that airs over 52,000 times a month
  • Deliver 2 million free message downloads each month through the Truth For Life website
  • Support two daily teaching apps for smartphones and tablets with nearly 350,000 users … and growing
  • Daily, engage over 200,000 followers on Facebook … and growing
  • Distribute over 14,000 books, CDs and DVDs to listeners each month
  • Answer over 1,000 calls each month in our customer service department
  • Continuously explore new ways to proclaim the Gospel, through YouTube, subscription television, text messaging, and international radio
  • Update the Truth For Life website daily for 1.7 million monthly visitors … and growing.

NEW Building Floor Plan

Significant incremental space will enable programmers and developers to add more teaching to the Truth For Life website and expand the Bible-teaching apps for smartphones and tablets.

More emphasis on social media will make it possible for millions around the world to share the life-changing message of salvation through channels like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and the vast number of new networks that continuously grow in popularity.

Fully equipped studios will help widely expand the teaching formats possible through Truth For Life, including new lines of video and audio teaching, college student studies, pastor resources, and children’s formats.

Reaching beyond an English-speaking audience by translating Truth For Life to other languages opens up the potential to reach millions more. The opportunities to broadcast foreign language Bible teaching on international radio are already before the team at Truth For Life. More space will support global expansion.