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The Return of Jesus Christ

The debate over Christ's return has raged since shortly after His ascension with no signs of stopping. It seems that every few years, a self-ordained prophet will make an appearance claiming to know more about the event than even Jesus does. This is just one symptom of the larger problem: the focus has been shifted away from Christ. In this message, Alistair Begg challenges us to let Scripture be our guide as we look forward to our glorious hope.


John 14:3
id: 1264

A Timeless Invitation

Parents often swaddle their babies in order to calm them because when an infant cannot physically fight against sleep, it comes more easily. A similar principle holds true for those who experience the deep restlessness that characterizes a life apart from Christ. In this message from Matthew 11, Alistair Begg encourages us to respond to Jesus’ invitation to the weary. When we stop fighting and pay attention to His instruction, we receive the rest that God provides.


Matthew 11:25-30
id: 1265

Jesus, the Only Way

The hope of peace and rest in heaven can sometimes be the only thing that gets people through difficult circumstances. The disciples must have felt that same longing as they dealt with a range of emotions in the hours leading up to Christ’s death. In this message from John 14, Alistair Begg encourages us to consider Christ’s words of consolation to His disciples. The assurance of heaven is also for us if we put our trust in Him.


John 14:1-6
id: 1263

A Precepart and a Problem, Part Two

It is common for people to encourage one another with the saying, “believe in yourself,” but examples from Scripture show these to be empty words. Peter stated his belief that he was incapable of denying Christ and soon learned the bitter truth of what was really in his heart. Despite Peter’s betrayal, Jesus still loved him unconditionally. In this message from John 13, Alistair Begg challenges us to turn away from self-reliance and to see ourselves in the light of Christ’s selfless love.


John 13:31-38
id: 1260