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The Priority of Prayer

Sharing the instruction that he received from Christ, Peter makes clear to his readers that prayer is necessary and important in the lives of Christians. Because prayer is the chief expression of our relationship to God it should exist as a fundamental part of the Christian life. In this sermon Alistair Begg points us to the promise of Christ’s return, providing six principals to help Christians fully understand why God intends for his followers to give time and attention to the practice of prayer.


1 Peter 4:7
id: 1487

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 3

Living for God

Upon coming to Christ, our lives should look drastically different than when we were slaves to sin. Although sin no longer reigns, it still remains, and in this life we will never be free from its temptation. Studying the words of Peter, Alistair Begg teaches us that we are called to actively put on the attitude of Christ, and in doing so we should expect abuse from those who are enslaved to sin.


1 Peter 4:1-6
id: 1486

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 3

The Suffering of Christ, Part Two

How is the death of Jesus relevant today? Because of His resurrection, the death of Christ is of eternal importance. Alistair Begg teaches us three lasting consequences of Christ’s suffering and how His victory over death makes it possible for us to repent and turn to faith in Him.


1 Peter 3:18-22
id: 1485

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 2