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Abram to the Rescue

When Abram’s nephew Lot was distracted and easily influenced by his surroundings, he fell captive in battle. As Alistair Begg explores Abram’s strategic pursuit and rescue, he reiterates Christ’s call to rescue the perishing of our world. Because Christians are set apart for God’s purposes, we must not allow our hearts to be taken captive by popular ideas that are contrary to His Word.


Genesis 14:1-24
id: 1077

Series: Venturing In Faith

Let's Have No Quarreling

Quarreling, in any form, is an evil that arises from our sinful nature. In Genesis 13, Abram and Lot were faced with a quarrel among their herdsman, and Abram chose the path of peace. Alistair Begg examines the roots and consequences of quarreling and emphasizes the importance of taking initiative in reconciliation. Using the selflessness of Christ as a standard, we must strive to be peacemakers in our relationships.


Genesis 13:1-8
id: 1076

Series: Venturing In Faith

A Failure of Nerve

Personal, continual communion with God is a sure stronghold against worry. Abram demonstrated spiritual failure because he did not trust God with the daily details of his life. Alistair Begg urges us to consider the dangerous and damaging implications of lying, ceasing to pray, and failing to do as God’s word commands. When we walk the path of faith, we can avoid the pitfalls of fear and sin.


Genesis 12:10-20
id: 1074

Series: Venturing In Faith