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Ruth Proposes To Boaz

It wasn’t a leap year, but it was a leap of faith. As Ruth casts herself at the feet of Boaz and asks him to cover her with his blanket, she is asking for his commitment to cover her with his provision and protection. In honoring her request, Boaz foreshadows Jesus, our Kinsman-Redeemer. When we cast ourselves at the feet of Christ, Jesus covers us with the blood of His covenant. He provides. He protects. He calls us His own and makes us His Bride.


Ruth 3:7
id: 2256

Series: God of the Ordinary

In All Things God Works

When we commit our lives to God through Jesus, He promises to work all things together for good. “All things” includes poverty, grief, failure and loss. God can use even our wrong choices for our ultimate good. As Ruth comes under the protection and provision of Boaz, we get a picture of what it means for God to be our Kinsman-Redeemer.


Ruth 3:1-5
id: 2254

Series: God of the Ordinary

What if…