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The Incarnation

John 1:14
id: 2194

Witness and Worship

Acts 16:25
id: 2192

Series: What Is the Church?

The Baptism Debate

It’s been a highly charged topic within the church for generations. One denomination believes one thing, and another interprets the Bible in an entirely different manner. So what does Scripture really say about baptism? When it comes to the topic of baptism, there are several practices among Christian churches and in many cases, the diversity has created a sense of confusion. We’ll take a close look at this mysterious symbol as Alistair Begg opens to Acts 16.

Acts 16:11
id: 2191

Series: Encore 2010

Providence, Volume 2

What is this "good”" with a view to which God acts in our lives? How are we to understand the fact that God has His hand in all our affairs? What effect should the doctrine of providence have in our lives?

In this story of bitter jealousy, deceit, injustice and dramatic forgiveness, we have a classic outworking of the fact of God’s sovereignty over our affairs and of His providential care for those who are the objects of His love. Taking this journey with Joseph will help to view the good, bad and ugly times in our lives from a ...

Genesis 41:1-50:26
id: 21902

What if…