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Salvation's Song

Through the writings of the Old and New Testaments we discover that Jesus Christ has clearly fulfilled the prophecies of Salvation and God’s Kingdom. As we continue Mark’s gospel, we learn that the Holy Spirit reveals this fact to the priest, Simeon, when he meets the infant Jesus.

Luke 2:25-35
id: 2720

Series: Songs for a Savior

Zechariah’s Song

We say that hindsight is 20/20. Luke uses the Old Testament to introduce us to Jesus and uses Jesus to interpret the Old Testament. We soon realize that we cannot begin to understand who Christ is without first understanding the Old Testament.

Luke 1:67-75
id: 2719

Series: Songs for a Savior

Mindful, Mighty, Merciful

Mary’s song records her response to the angel’s news that she was about to have a son. More importantly, though, it tells us about the character of the God whose Son she would bear.

Luke 1:46-56
id: 2718

Series: Songs for a Savior

You Are Not Your Own

In today’s culture, God’s laws regarding sexual purity are often violated. Why are these commands so important for Christians to observe? Alistair explains that “your body is a temple” and “you have been bought with a price.”

Our Heavenly Dwelling

The resurrection of Christ is the pledge of the believer’s resurrection. In this message, we consider four truths about our resurrected body in light of Christ’s resurrection.

id: 2708

Preaching as Work

id: 794

Engaging the New Atheism

A seminar with John Lennox at Basics 2009

id: 896

Using Scripture to Engage the Mind and Imagination

A message by John Lennox at Basics 2009

Engaging the Mind: The Defense of Christianity

A message by John Lennox at Basics 2009

1 Peter 3:13-16
id: 892

We Are Workers with You for Your Joy

A seminar with John Piper at Basics 2009

What if…