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Love in Action

Christ's gift of righteousness enables us to respond with good deeds that put love into action. In this study of Romans 12:11-13, we are encouraged to live lives marked by enthusiasm, patience, and generosity.


Romans 12:11-13
id: 2795

Series: Shaped by Grace

Divine Righteousness Applied

Because our salvation - past, present, and future - is a gift from God, we do not approach biblical commands as an external code of behavior. Rather, God's grace works in our lives to create an atmosphere of holiness and love that emerge from within.


Romans 12:11
id: 2794

Series: Shaped by Grace

Who Should I Marry?

One of the most important decisions we make is in our choice of a spouse. Choosing an appropriate mate takes more than finding an attractive package, and the Bible provides the best advice for those who are considering the possibility of marriage. Hear how the lessons of an Old Testament betrothal are practical and relevant for the 21st Century dating scene, and learn some valuable principles to help you make the right choice.


Genesis 24:1-66
id: 2784

Genuine Christian Love, Part 2

Relationships among believers must be radically different from the world around us. As those who are in Christ become more and more like Him, our love for one another increases in sincerity, purity, warm affection, and humility.


Romans 12:9-10
id: 2783

Series: Shaped by Grace

Genuine Christian Love, Part 1

How can Christians love sincerely? In our first study of Romans 12:9, we learn that the grace that saves also shapes and empowers relationships in the body of Christ.


Romans 12:9-10
id: 2782

Series: Shaped by Grace

What is the Gospel?

In Romans chapter 1 we're introduced to the bold claims of the Apostle Paul - that the Gospel is the heart of his mission. Alistair preaches from this passage as a ministry of reminder to the pastors in his audience.


Romans 1:16-17
id: 0153

Series: Encore 2011

What if…