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Resident Aliens

We have all been in a situation where we do not fit in with the majority, but Peter says that for the Christian, this experience will define our lives on earth. In studying 1 Peter, Alistair Begg shows us six marks of those who are only resident aliens on earth because of a permanent citizenship in the kingdom of Heaven. As strangers in this world, we are called to live lives in obedience to the One who has secured our eternal home.

1 Peter 1:17-25
id: 1463

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

Concerning this Salvation ...

In order to understand how the Old and New Testaments fit together, we must become students of the Bible as a whole. By pointing us to the unifying theme of Scripture – the suffering and glory of Jesus Christ – Alistair Begg teaches why we are to obey God’s command to walk in holiness. We must prepare our minds for action and live in obedience to God which requires active, routine engagement with God’s Word.

1 Peter 1:10-16
id: 1461

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

A Living Hope, Part Two

Many people hope for an inheritance in this life, but there is one of greater value that will never pass away. Despite the fact that those who trust in Christ have a secure inheritance, the pain and trials that we experience in this life are real. Alistair Begg explains that we should not allow trials in our life to be wasted, but Christians should endure trials with hope in God’s work of salvation.

1 Peter 1:3-9
id: 1458

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

A Living Hope, Part One

Christians have been delivered from the realm of hopelessness, but we can still become preoccupied with symptoms of despair. In this message from 1 Peter Chapter 1, Alistair Begg explains that Peter wrote to remind his readers about the assurance of the hope given to those who claim Jesus as Lord. In a time where many claim to believe in God, we are pointed to the one true God, the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 1:3-5
id: 1456

Series: Standing Firm in Shaky Times, Volume 1

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