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Family Focus

Titus 2:4-8
id: 1603

A Matter of Spiritual Maturity

We expect babies to grow bigger and to learn to walk and talk. We help them mature through the adolescent years and become healthy adults. But when it comes to our spiritual growth, what can we expect? Alistair Begg gives biblical instruction for spiritual maturity.


Series: Firm Foundation, Volume 1

Curriculum for Seniors

Titus 2:1-3
id: 1601

Understanding God's Wisdom

We live in a data- saturated world. Even our phones offer the latest information right at our fingertips. But how much of this information contains wisdom?, Alistair Begg turns to 1 Corinthians for a lesson on the eternal wisdom of God.


Series: Firm Foundation, Volume 1

Testimony of a Preacher

You only find a really great communicator once in awhile. Scattered throughout history, we read of their eloquence and passion. And though many of us would put the Apostle Paul in that category, he set aside persuasive words and superior wisdom to shine the spotlight on the only thing that mattered: the Gospel of Christ.


Series: More Jars Of Clay

The Power of God

Alistair Begg brings up a few very important questions about God’s power. Where can we find it? And how is it deployed? If you’ve never experienced the power of God in your own life then turn with us to 1 Corinthians for a life- changing lesson on this topic.


Series: Firm Foundation, Volume 1

What if…