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How Majestic is Your Name

Someone once said that what we think about God is the most important thing about us. So with that in mind, spending a half- hour concentrating on the majesty of God is the best thing we can do!

Psalms 8:1
id: 1553

Series: Psalms, Volume 1

God: Plural, Powerful, Perfect, Praiseworthy

Some think of God as a cosmic Santa Claus. Others believe Him to be angry and judgmental. Some say He’s near, others say He’s disengaged. But what does the Bible say? We’ll find out as we consider the attributes of God described in Psalm 8.

Psalms 8:1
id: 1552

Series: Psalms, Volume 1

Worship His Majesty

Have you ever felt like the cheaters prosper and those who are trying to live good lives get the short end of the stick? That’s how David felt when he wrote Psalm 9. Join Alistair Begg as we consider these ancient words.

Psalms 9:1
id: 1555

Series: Psalms, Volume 1

What if…