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Jesus Picks His Team

At the outset of Jesus’ public ministry, He chose twelve to be His close companions, friends and disciples. He did not select them based on their credentials or skills. Even if they had been the best of men, they were still men at best. These ordinary chosen few with ordinary strengths and weaknesses would accomplish extraordinary works through and for Jesus. He still calls men and women today to be with Him, tell others about Him and live for Him by His power.


Mark 3:7-19
id: 2686

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 2

Venturing In Faith

Abraham’s journey of faith could be described as a series of new beginnings. Although his walk contained many pitfalls and failures, Abraham learned that with God, failure is never final. Abraham’s trust grew with each new beginning as he responded in obedience to God’s call. Throughout this series from Genesis, Alistair Begg explores faith as expressed through the changes and challenges of life. The measure of our faith grows as our understanding of God’s character grows, and we can walk boldly in light of His promises.


Faith that Works, Volume 3

The Christian life involves a constant battle against sin. Christians are often guilty of “respectable” sins that may not seem gross by the world’s standards, but about which the Bible speaks quite strongly. As Alistair Begg continues our study in James, we see how far short we fall of God’s perfect standard. God’s law reveals that we are desperately proud, prone to controversy and slander, and often inclined to mismanage our time and money. This wonderfully practical study reminds us of our great need of a Savior and points us to the Cross, where we find complete forgiveness and peace. ... More 

James 4:1-5:6
id: 15903

Faith that Works, Volume 4

Alistair Begg ends this series in James by highlighting important principles that help Christians live in an unjust world. We may be prone to grow impatient toward God’s plans, which can cause us to become complacent in bearing Christian fruit. When we realize that everything in life is under the control of God and will ultimately be made right, we can live in a way that is contrary to human nature. The way we talk, worship, and pray becomes God-centered, not man-centered. Viewing the world from this perspective is a gift that can only be given to us by God’s ... More 

James 5:7-20
id: 15904
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