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Lessons for the Twelve

Examining the benefit of conversation while walking, Alistair looks at two aspects of such a conversation between Jesus and his disciples: the question the disciples were afraid to ask and the question they were ashamed to answer.

Mark 9:30-37
id: 2749

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 4

The Duties of a Man of God

It was mere millennia past when Paul wrote to his young son in the faith, Timothy to be a ‘man of God’. The admonition has lost neither its impact or its timeliness in our day and culture. As false teachers assailed the early church, Paul sought to encourage and strengthen his protégé in the faith to hold tight to what he had been taught. Drawing from 1 Timothy 6, Pastor Shearer encourages pastors everywhere to flee errant approaches to gospel ministry, follow after virtues of righteousness and godliness and fight the good fight of faith.

1 Timothy 6:3-16
id: gs942

Series: Basics 2010

Union with Christ in Christian Living

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 12:2, “I know a man in Christ…” Sinclair relates how he wondered for a time who was this man that Paul knew who was ‘in Christ’ and the joy which came after he finally understood Paul was speaking about himself! By far, Paul’s most favorite reference for the people of God, ‘in Christ’ is the most important description of the believer’s position before God. Often we are tempted to think of the gospel working itself out primarily in the horizontal dimension, yet Sinclair exhorts the pastor to reexamine the benefits of union with Christ.

Colossians 3:1-7
id: gs940

Series: Basics 2010

Panel Question Time

Listen in as Pastors Begg, Ferguson and Shearer answer questions from this year’s Basics attendees ranging from the call to pastoral ministry to the church’s role in engaging culture.

id: gs943

Series: Basics 2010

The Distinctives of a Man of God

“They do the basics well”, these six words from a Liverpool football coach in response to why his team was so successful. Likewise, for all pastors, we too must learn to do the basics well. Pastor John Shearer unpacks four basics no preacher should be without from Paul’s teaching in 1 Timothy 4. With a simplicity that belies its importance, Shearer exhorts the pastor as he does, ‘the greatest work in the world’.

1 Timothy 4:1-16
id: gs939

Series: Basics 2010

Reflections and Resolutions

Jonathan Edwards, one of the towering figures in American church history left behind his infamous ‘resolutions’. In this session, Pastor John Shearer goes to Psalm 71 and discusses 7 personal resolutions he himself has made in his life. Drawing straight from the text, John talks as a pastor to pastors about the day in and day out life of what it means to follow Christ. With humility and grace, John shares how over his years in ministry God’s grace has become more and more evident to him each day.

Psalms 71
id: gs938

Series: Basics 2010

Union with Christ in Pastoral Ministry

The epicenter of the Christian life is union with Christ. Sinclair likens union with Christ to a pair of glasses which gives the believer 20/20 vision to see his death which leads to fruitfulness in Christ. Sinclair traces how Paul views union in Christ and how it affects not only his standing before God but also his actual preaching and teaching ministry. From Philippians 3, Dr. Ferguson shares four aspects of union with Christ and gospel ministry which every pastor needs to understand.

id: gs941

Series: Basics 2010

Practical Pointers on Expository Preaching

Preaching today is often marked by the latest of fads and figures, but unfortunately preaching the whole counsel of the word of God is not entirely in fashion. Too often the preaching of today skips the biblical context and history and rushes straight ahead to application. Echoing the question of Philip to the Ethiopian, “Do you understand what you are reading?” Pastor Alistair Begg says the pastor should be asking of his congregation, “Do you understand what you are hearing?”. Alistair seeks to give the pastor practical foundational principles in preaching the living word of God.

Acts 8:26-40
id: 2740

Series: Basics 2010

The Word of the Cross

The cross stands as the definitive point of history, but the Church is in danger of so trivializing the notion of sin that the cross of Christ loses its meaning. Using the example of the Apostle Paul, Alistair Begg explains that pastors must preach Christ and Him crucified at every opportunity. The Gospel, in all of its fullness, provides the only remedy for our greatest need: forgiveness and reconciliation to a holy God.

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 6

Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

Most false gospels highlight man’s achievements and man’s abilities, but Paul reminded the Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 1 that "not many of you were wise…not many were influential…not many were of noble birth." In this message Alistair Begg reminds us that the pastor’s faith and message are not based upon personality, but on the proclamation of the cross of Jesus Christ. Our greatest need is to understand our insignificance and Christ’s preeminence.

id: 2742

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 6

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