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The Cry of a Fallen Leader

If anyone knew what it meant to have a conscience burdened by the guilt of sin, it was King David. The plots he initiated to conceal his sin did not ease His conscience. In fact, his behavior only made it worse. It was when David realized that he had transgressed against the Holy God - the One True God who promised to wash away his sin - that his burden was finally lifted. Like David, we must realize that, regardless of how stained we are, we can rest in God’s unfailing love and mercy towards us.


Psalms 51:1-19
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Series: More Jars Of Clay

Fix Our Eyes on Jesus, Volume 2

These studies in Hebrews present expository instructions on the two related themes woven throughout the book: Revelation - What God has said to us; and Redemption - What God has done for us.

Hebrews brings together God’s redemptive purposes which began in the Old Testament and demonstrate how Jesus Christ is God’s perfect and only provision for the sins of mankind. The totality of scripture moves us toward the centrality of Christ and this study seeks to explain:

-The superiority of Christ over angels
- The inadequacy of the Old Testament law to clear the conscience
- Christ’s fulfillment of ... More 

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