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God's Work, God's Way, Volume 2

Every growing church faces the need for reorganization. There is probably no Old Testament book better suited as a manual for such change than Nehemiah. What was needed at this point in the history of God’s people was someone who could cope in the middle of ruin and discouragement, one who could keep forging ahead despite the threat of constant turmoil. God had been preparing Nehemiah for this task--an ordinary man with extraordinary ability for an out of the ordinary challenge. In these studies we discover:
1.The kind of people God uses when he does His work.
2.The principles necessary ...

Marriage: A Covenant, Not a Contract

It is important to remember that God is the author of marriage. Marriage serves three purposes: it is a life-long companionship, it is necessary to establish a family unit, and it also benefits society. When a man devotes himself to meeting all of his wife’s needs, he finds fulfillment – and vice versa. Alistair Begg reminds us of the importance of our vows, and how they reflect a true understanding of what it means to love, honor, and keep for life.

Matthew 19:1-12
id: 1885

Series: We Two Are One

Belief And Behavior, Volume 1

The Thessalonian church held a tender place in the heart of the Apostle Paul. In this expositional study of Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, we see a paradigm for pastoral ministry, emphasizing the life-changing content of the gospel and concerns of Paul’s heart for their healthy spiritual growth.

Having established the believers in good Biblical theology, Paul clearly addresses issues of practical Christian behavior -- sexual morality, work, honest living. The doctrinal foundations of the believers’ hope, namely, the resurrection and return of Christ are established. And finally, the principles of healthy corporate life and worship within the local church ...

Comfort In Chaos

What could be more appropriate in an “age of anxiety” than a message from God which speaks comfort in the midst of chaos! In Isaiah’s day, the people had lost sight of God and His greatness. With the “vertical hold” gone, the horizontal dimension of their lives began to show the stress fractures. Even a brief essay of current events reveals direct parallels between then and now. These ancient words speak with timeless relevance encouraging the weary, correcting the faulty, and reminding the forgetful that God’s transcendence means not that He is too great to care, but that He is ...

Isaiah 40:31
id: 12301

The Marks of a God-Given Ministry

Paul’s letter to the Colossians provides a standard for today’s Church to determine the marks of a God-given ministry. Alistair Begg walks us through the pastor’s pattern, purpose, and pleasure in ministry as modeled by Paul. By God’s energy and enabling, a pastor is able to present the Word of God in all of its fullness, encouraging unity and spiritual maturity in the congregation.

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 1

Good News in a Bad News World

In 2 Kings 5:1-14, we are introduced to Naaman, a commander in the king's army. Naaman had great power, prestige, and was a mighty man of valor. But he was also a leper. Similarly, sin today is like leprosy of the soul. It does not respect status and cannot be cured by great success. Discover Naaman's response to the unexpected cure, and God's solution for today's spiritual leprosy.

2 Kings 5:1-14
id: 1875

Series: Jars Of Clay

What if…