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Pharaoh's Dream

Genesis 41
id: 1866

Series: Providence, Volume 1

What is a Confessing Evangelical?

id: 1867

Lessons from the Dungeon, Part Two

There is a certain security that results from trusting in God's providence, knowing that He can use even our failures for His glory and our good. Alistair Begg says that in recognizing this, the believer can face death with composure, celebrate life to the fullest, deal with disappointment without losing hope, and rest in God's unfailing goodness.

Genesis 40:1-23
id: 1862

Series: My Times Are In Your Hands

Lessons from the Dungeon, Part One

Alistair Begg examines the life lessons of Joseph revealed in the book of Genesis. Like Joseph, the Christian is to live a life with a God-centered focus, tell the truth without ambiguity, and rightly prepare for death.

Genesis 40:1-23
id: 1861

Series: My Times Are In Your Hands

The House That Rock Built

The most important feature in any house is not an updated kitchen, a spacious backyard, or even the quality of the roof. It’s the foundation… the unassuming bedrock upon which the entire structure rests. Alistair Begg turns to a construction illustration that Jesus used in Matthew 7. It’s about two builders… and two very different foundations. Their story provides insight into your own foundations. Are you building a spiritual life that will last?

Matthew 7:24-29
id: 1855

Faith Under Fire

Although the events described in this series happened over two and a half thousand years ago, they speak to our contemporary situation with striking relevance. Daniel and his friends were in an environment where the prevailing world view was antagonistic to the biblical truth of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of men and nations. They faced the question, “How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” They faced the challenge of avoiding either absorption by the culture or isolation from the culture. In following their example we discover how to live in our sometimes seductive and hostile ...

Joseph's Temptation

A million different voices in our world tell us it’s okay to define our own moral boundaries. Sexual sin isn’t a big deal. But God’s Word advises otherwise and in Joseph’s life we have a stellar example of resisting temptation!

Genesis 39:6-20
id: 1853

Series: Providence, Volume 1

What if…