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The Coming of the Lord Part 1

When a person becomes a Christian, everything changes from the inside out. In this study, Alistair Begg will describe the life-changing transformation that occurs when someone puts his or her faith in Jesus Christ.

Series: Belief And Behavior, Volume 2

Compelled to the Cross

id: 1812

Chasing The Wind

Trapped in the dangerous darkness of life without God, the writer searches frantically for some light on the path. Growing cynical about intellectual achievement, he embraces the absurd and the irrational. Life on the fast-track gives him everything and leaves him nothing. He climbs high on the ladder of life only to make the tragic discovery that it was propped against the wrong wall. These studies touch the pulse of a generation caught between material prosperity and spiritual poverty.

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Brotherly Love

If someone were to look at your life or the lives of those in your church, what would they see? What makes you, as a Christian, stand out from the rest of the culture? We’re reminded that the believer’s defining characteristic is love.

Series: Belief And Behavior, Volume 2

A Call to Service

All who are called to Christ are called to service. With any ministry, it is important to keep in mind that it is the Lord's work; He assigns the tasks and uniquely gifts a variety of individuals to work together to fulfill His plan, for His glory. The ideal place to serve God is wherever He has placed you, doing whatever He has given you to do. As Paul notes in his closing remarks to the Corinthians, great opposition often accompanies effective ministry.

Series: Jars Of Clay

What if…