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The Dangers and Delights of Long Term Ministry in One Place

Pastoral ministry comes with the great delight of being set apart by the call of God to the cause of the Gospel. In this personal message, Alistair Begg reflects on the many other joys and challenges that accompany ministry in a local church over the long haul.


Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 6

Tackling Opposition to Change

Where there is life, there will be the need for change. Whenever change is proposed, there will inevitably be opposition. Alistair Begg explores eight reasons people resist change and eight steps to implementing change and overcoming opposition. If you’re in leadership then this message is a “must listen.”


Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 1

Bring Out the Book

In an age where tolerance is elevated above truth and the spirit of entertainment is pervasive, Alistair Begg uses this study of Nehemiah 8:1-12 to establish the primary, foundational importance of preaching with conviction regarding the authority of the Bible. When God’s people gather expectantly and listen attentively as Scripture is taught, they will respond with sincere worship and depart with joy.


Nehemiah 8:1-12
id: 1729

Series: The Pastor's Study, Volume 1

God's Work, God's Way, Volume 2

Every growing church faces the need for reorganization. There is probably no Old Testament book better suited as a manual for such change than Nehemiah. What was needed at this point in the history of God’s people was someone who could cope in the middle of ruin and discouragement, one who could keep forging ahead despite the threat of constant turmoil. God had been preparing Nehemiah for this task--an ordinary man with extraordinary ability for an out of the ordinary challenge. In these studies we discover:
1.The kind of people God uses when he does His work.
2.The principles necessary ... More 

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