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Reaching the Unreached

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On Being A Pastor, Part 3

A message by Derek Prime at Basics 2004

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Blogging your Ministry

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Gospel Driven Preaching


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On Being A Pastor, Part 1

A message by Derek Prime at Basics 2005

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The Gospel-Driven Church


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Priorities and Practices of Ministry

Questions and Answers with all speakers at Basics 2004

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Christians Grieve Too

When someone you love passes away, there’s a natural season of grief and sorrow that follows. The Apostle Paul addresses this process in his letter to the Thessalonians in a passage that brings hope and healing to Christians who suffer loss today.

Series: My Times Are In Your Hands

Wealth: Its Use and Abuse

James 5:5
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Truth and Love

The notion that there is objective, verifiable, fixed, universal, and defined truth is obsolete in our culture today. Contemporary philosophical thought sets itself in opposition to that which is regarded as definitive and certain, and the very idea of anything “absolute” is under attack.

This opposition to truth is not new, however. In every generation when the truth of Jesus Christ is declared and proclaimed, the Evil One works to undermine it and sow seeds of confusion. From the first century, to our world today, and with succeeding generations will come deceivers who try to turn true believers away from ...

2 John , 3 John
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Series: Walking In The Truth

What if…