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Faith that Works, Volume 1

Wisdom isn’t a matter of age, education, or experience. It’s the product of God’s Spirit at work in a life that has been transformed by the grace of God. In Volume I of this series of messages from James, Alistair Begg examines the Christian’s call to live God’s way in God’s world. This biblical wisdom is demonstrated through patient perseverance in trials as the Christian finds joy in God’s purposes. It is seen as we endure the onslaught of temptation. It is experienced as the members of the Body of Christ learn to love one another radically and with great ... More 

James 1:1-27
id: 15901

When Trials Come, Part One

The New Testament book of James is an intensely practical letter, focusing on how Christians should behave as we put the teachings of God’s Word into practice. Alistair Begg begins this message with a helpful overview of the whole epistle, then moves on to the book’s first theme: Trials occur in every life, but God enables believers to experience joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances.


James 1:1-3
id: 2557

Series: Encore 2015

When Trials Come, Part Two

It is all too easy to try to obey the Word of God without depending upon the power of God, and this pitfall is common when we consider what the Bible says about the Christian’s response to trials. In this message from James 1, Alistair Begg shows the perspective necessary to ensure a proper response to trials and the process by which trials can lead to growth.


James 1:2-4
id: 2559

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 1

Consider It Pure Joy

The life of Christian faith is often expressed as a journey, and Alistair Begg employs this metaphor as he turns our attention to what James has to say about life in Christ. If we are to achieve God’s purpose for our time on earth, we can expect to face trials. Only after preparing for and responding properly to difficult times can we then heed James’ words and count our trials as joy.


James 1:2-5
id: 2341

Asking God for Wisdom

Wisdom is knowing how to live God’s way in God’s world. In this message from James 1, Alistair Begg distinguishes wisdom from insight, information, and intelligence and challenges us to seek God for the wisdom needed in all of our trials.


James 1:5-8
id: 2558

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 1

A Biblical Perspective On Wisdom & Wealth

Wisdom is necessary for right conduct in this life. In this message, Alistair Begg reminds us that God generously gives us wisdom if we ask for it with sincerity. As we consider wealth through the eyes of wisdom, we need to seek right priorities and to remember that our circumstances must be viewed in light of eternal certainties.


James 1:5-12
id: 1242

Rich Man, Poor Man

We can easily reinforce what our culture says about the rich and the poor rather than offering a distinctly Christian alternative. Alistair Begg shows how the book of James offers wisdom on the rich and poor that is both right and radical. Wealth poses unique dangers, but the Christian can find security in the riches of Christ.


James 1:9-11
id: 2560

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 1

The Genuine Article

The experience of trials is not uncommon or unusual, but in fact purposeful in the plan of God. In this message from the book of James, Alistair Begg explains how trials reveal the genuineness of our faith. Through perseverance in trials, God assures us that we really belong to Him.


James 1:12
id: 2561

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 1


Temptation is the enticement to sin and is rooted in our own evil desire. Outside forces do not compel us to engage in sinful or evil behavior, but the desire within our own hearts draws us into a disobedient realm. While the devil serves as a source of temptation, the decision to indulge in our desires is internally conceived. Alistair Begg explains that acting on temptation is an “inside job” and warns us to be vigilant against its enticement.


James 1:12-15
id: 2861

Series: Lessons For Life, Volume 1