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Costa Mesa Listener Event

A neglected essential in the realm of Christian teaching is an understanding of Christ's ascension to heaven. Hear why this is a necessary event, and the relevance that it has to us today.


Acts 1 , Luke 24:51-53
id: 2846

A Canticle

The Magnificat records Mary's response to all that God revealed to her about the child she would bear - a response that drew from all that she had learned about God and how he dealt with his people. Mary's song continues to teach us about the kingdom of God and the Savior she celebrated with reverence, humility, and eagerness to see the promises of God fulfilled.


Luke 1:46-55
id: 2854

Songs for a Savior

Many of us have our favorite Christmas carols that center on angels singing songs, shepherds watching flocks, and wise men giving gifts. However, Luke records the very first Christmas songs, sung by Mary, Zechariah and Simeon. Unlike our modern carols, these don’t revolve around the nativity scenes or the events of Christ birth; rather they focus on the Savior himself. In Christ’s birth, God supernaturally breaks into the ordinary naturalness of human history, by revealing himself as the Savior of the world. In these three songs for a Savior, Mary, Zechariah, and Simeon praise the Lord for remembering His people ... More 

No Ordinary Child

In the course of doing the ordinary things that the law required of new parents, Mary and Joseph met Simeon, a man who understood his life in the context of God's unfolding purposes. Join us as we see Jesus through Simeon's eyes as the fulfillment of all that God had promised.


Luke 2:25-35
id: 2777

If Anyone Would Come After Me, He Must... Leave Everything

Are you a true disciple of Christ? On what do you base this? In this sermon we learn that ignorance is one of the greatest barriers to following Jesus, and we strip away the faulty reasons behind why many of us think that we're believers.


Luke 5:1-11
id: 1000

If Anyone Would Come After Me, He Must... Practice What He Hears

Following Jesus is more than a sincere attempt to "be a Christian"... it's actually doing what Jesus says! Understanding what it means to say "Jesus is Lord" is the first step towards true obedience.


Luke 6:46-49
id: 1001

Compassionate Shepherd

In our on-going study on the character and work of Christ, Alistair Begg looks to Luke 7 for a lesson in compassion.


Luke 7:1
id: 2788

Series: Encore 2013

If Anyone Would Come After Me, He Must...Persevere

What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? Do we have a clear idea or do we sometimes just “go along with the crowd?” In Luke 8 Jesus utilizes an earthly story that has a heavenly meaning by telling a parable about seeds and soil. Hearing God’s Word and taking it to heart are two different things, and perseverance in faith is paramount to hearing, retaining and being responsive to God’s Word in our Christian walk.


Luke 8:4-15
id: 1002

If Anyone Would Come After Me, He Must...Take Up His Cross

In Luke 9 Jesus asks Peter "Who do you say I am?" This question is still relevant today. Who do you say Jesus is? What does it mean to deny yourself and take up your cross? Many times we want something without giving up anything. Jesus, by His death on the cross paid for us to be reconciled with God. So what are the expectations for us to answer Jesus' call to "follow me?"


Luke 9:18-27
id: 1003

If Anyone Would Come After Me, He Must...Love His Neighbor

The question “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” is adequately answered only in the Gospel of God’s redeeming grace – through faith in Jesus’ righteousness, not our own. As Christians grow to know and love God more fully, we grow in love for our neighbors as well.


Luke 10:25-37
id: 1004
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