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Next Stop Jerusalem

In Acts 21:1-16, the Holy Spirit appeared to give conflicting guidance first to Paul as he prepared to go to Jerusalem, and then to his friends, who desperately urged him not to go. Alistair Begg points out that the Holy Spirit cannot contradict Himself, but man’s deductions are fallible, even when they are admirable. In this emotional parting, we are given an illustration of the precious connection between those who love Christ, and we are cautioned to not allow our human emotions to cloud God's divine warnings.


Acts 21:1-16
id: 2462

Series: For the Sake of the Gospel, Volume 1

A Farewell Address

When Paul gave his final farewell to the beloved leaders of the Ephesian church, he was keen to remind the elders of how diligently he strived to live a life free of temptation and accusation so that he could present the Gospel freely, without guilt, and without requiring support from others. He exhorted them to be vigilant about guarding their own spiritual condition, as well as each other’s, so that they would be quick to recognize false believers and avoid the discord they can sow. In this study of Acts 20:25-38, Alistair Begg echoes Paul's encouragement that God’s continual presence, ... More 

Acts 20:25-38
id: 2458

Series: For the Sake of the Gospel, Volume 1

Transparency, Integrity, Urgency

Often, when a church suffers unresolved problems, the resulting chaos can be traced back to defective leadership. In this study of Acts 20:17-24, Alistair Begg uses the Apostle Paul’s life to illustrate three essential factors of effective biblical leadership: transparency, integrity, and urgency. Nonetheless, a ministry that is open, consistent, Gospel-centered, and Spirit-led will still face different challenges that require steadfast faith and perseverance.


Acts 20:17-24
id: 2456

Series: For the Sake of the Gospel, Volume 1


As Christ-followers, we are engaged in a real battle – a spiritual battle. The same grace that reconciles us to God antagonizes us to the enemy of our souls, the devil. Alistair Begg teaches us that our Heavenly Father does not leave us defenseless or alone. Learn how God equips and enables us to victoriously live the Christian life.


Reaching A City

While preaching the Gospel in Ephesus, Paul spoke persuasively about the fact that “man-made gods are no gods at all,” resulting in lost revenue for local craftsmen who sold silver shrines of the goddess Artemis. A riot ensued, but Alistair Begg points out that Paul followed the pattern that Jesus Christ modeled by reaching out to the lost and suffering with loving tenderness and a sincere invitation to be transformed.


Acts 19:23-41
id: 2454

Series: For the Sake of the Gospel, Volume 1

Why Bother with the Bible?

Why bother with the Bible? Some are asking because they think it’s nothing more than an archaic book about life in another time, something that has no relevance in the twenty-first century. That’s why it plays even less of a role in worship services today. "Why would anyone devote so much time to teaching the Bible, Alistair. Let’s just worship!" Sadly, I’ve heard comments like that more than once in my journeys. Yet the truth is that studying the Bible is worship. It’s central to the worship service and gives voice to our praise. Also it’s the only place we ... More 

2 Timothy 3:14-17
id: 24501

What God Says and Does

In the study of Acts 19:8-20, Alistair Begg leads us through Paul’s return visit to Ephesus, where he boldly proclaimed the Gospel and argued persuasively regarding the Kingdom of God. From Paul’s example, we learn the importance of being God-centered and God-glorifying when witnessing to others regarding the Good News of salvation and the power of the cross of Christ.


Acts 19:8-20
id: 2453

Series: For the Sake of the Gospel, Volume 1

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