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Preaching the Gospel from Revelation

Speaking to an audience of seminary students, Alistair teaches from Revelation and emphasizes the importance of always drawing a congregation’s attention back to the Gospel. The Bible is about Jesus, from beginning to end, and the details found in the descriptive narrative of Revelation 7 can be expounded upon to ask listeners the poignant question, “Will you see your face among the multitudes in heaven?”


Series: Preaching the Gospel

DC Listener Event

We hear the word "gospel" talked about in church circles, but what does that word mean, exactly? Hear about the source and substance of the Gospel from the first chapter of Romans as Alistair Begg talks to a group of Truth For Life listeners.


Romans 1:16-17
id: 2818

Preaching the Gospel from Acts

Alistair takes an audience of pastors and leaders through a dramatic scene in Acts 26. Drawing from the details of the text, he points to the clarity and conviction of the Apostle Paul’s faith as Paul stands trial before his accusers. Likewise, Alistair encourages those in pastoral ministry to be clear, speak with authority and to convey the message of the Gospel with a sense of urgency.


Acts 25:23-26:32
id: 0157

Series: Preaching the Gospel

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