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The Dangers of Jealousy

In a world where material wealth and professional success serve as the benchmarks for happiness, jealousy invokes sadness and anger at others’ good fortune. When jealousy becomes consuming, a path of destruction and broken relationships are left in its wake. What jealousy fails to recognize, however, is that all gifts are apportioned by God according to His all-knowing wisdom. Alistair Begg teaches that jealousy is sinful, breeds a destructive spirit, and must be brought before God in repentance.


Proverbs 27:4
id: 2859

Series: Lessons For Life, Volume 1

Listen, You Rich Men

Some Christians may feel guilty over the amount of possessions they have, especially since there are so many needy people in the world. Alistair Begg teaches us that earthly riches are an expression of God’s kindness, but it is the misuse of wealth that the Bible warns against. When we find security in our earthly treasures instead of our heavenly treasure, we have turned away from the only thing that will last forever – our union with Christ.


James 5:1
id: 2597

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 3

Ill-Gotten Gain, Part Two

When covetousness takes hold of people, they will go to great lengths to secure their desires. Often this is done at the expense of those who are destitute and unable to defend themselves. Alistair Begg warns us that greed will not go unpunished and that money will not be a shield against God’s judgment.


James 5:1
id: 2610

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 3

Ill-Gotten Gain, Part One

What does the Bible say about those who have lots of money? In the fifth chapter of James, we find a stinging rebuke to those who misuse their wealth. Alistair Begg instructs those who have been blessed with fortune to stay humble, put their hope in God instead of their wealth, and share their resources with those in need.


James 5:1
id: 2609

Series: Faith that Works, Volume 3

Contentment or Corruption, Part Two

Neither money nor wealth is inherently evil, but the love of money exposes an individual to temptation and the danger of falling into the devil’s trap. Alistair Begg explains telltale signs that indicate an inordinate love of money. While money may give the illusion of security, it actually breeds anxiety and ruin when it replaces God in man’s affections.


1 Timothy 6:6-10
id: 1993

Series: Household of Faith, Volume 2

The Other Man's Grass

When we desire what others have, our hearts have fallen prey to covetousness. Alistair Begg explains that covetousness promotes selfishness and pride while destroying relationships. The measure of our lives is in commitment to Christ rather than in what we might possess. We will only succeed in battling covetousness when we set our sights on knowing and serving Him.


Exodus 20:17
id: 1705

Series: Encore 2015

I Was Only Borrowing It

The Eighth Commandment’s instruction not to steal seems straightforward, but we are often tempted to view stealing in relative terms. Alistair Begg explains that because everything belongs to God, stealing causes harm to others and is an offense against God’s rule. When the Gospel transforms our lives, we view others and their resources from God’s perspective and respond to the Eighth Commandment with generosity.


Exodus 20:15
id: 1700

Series: Pathway to Freedom

The Plot to Kill Jesus

When Jesus brought Lazarus back to life, some people responded by placing their faith in Jesus, but others reacted in fear and hostility. The Pharisees and Sadducees, seeing the miracle as a threat to their power, plotted to kill Jesus. Alistair Begg describes the aftermath of this decisive miracle and explains that the Gospel still confronts men and women with the challenge to put their faith in Jesus.


John 11:45-12:57
id: 1239

Security: Looking to the Lord

Although many people believe that financial security will bring peace and contentment, true security can only be found when we look first to the Lord Jesus. In this message from Hebrews 13:5, Alistair Begg reminds us that believers are called to a radical lifestyle in relation to possessions and managing finances: we are dared to be different from the materialistic society around us and to work as a sacrificial offering to God.


Hebrews 13:5-6
id: 1174

Jesus Clears the Temple

When Jesus confronted the dishonesty of merchants in the temple courts, they responded by defying his authority rather than acknowledging their sin. Alistair Begg challenges us to consider whether we react the same way when there is sin that must be dealt with. We all have consciences in need of conviction and forgiveness that only Christ can provide.


John 2:12-25
id: 1155