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The Sadducees Question, Part One

In Mark 12:18-27, the Sadducees take their turn trying to catch Jesus in his words. Jesus' response revealed that, like those who had come before, their cynicism was founded on a spiritual problem: they did not believe their own scriptures or understand the power of God.


Mark 12:18-27
id: 2843

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

The Sadducees Question, Part Two

As Jesus responds to the Sadducees in Mark 12, He shows how the very scriptures they believe hold proof of the resurrection. Knowing God's power and the truth of the Bible will give us a correct view of the believer's future in heaven.


Mark 12:18-27
id: 2844

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

Murrieta Listener Event

Thanks to the focus of Christmas and Easter at churches many people remember that Jesus was born and that He died... but if it weren't for His resurrection, a very important part of redemptive history would be ineffective. Hear why this is a necessary event, and the relevance that it has to us today.


Acts 2:22-36
id: 2847

Costa Mesa Listener Event

A neglected essential in the realm of Christian teaching is an understanding of Christ's ascension to heaven. Hear why this is a necessary event, and the relevance that it has to us today.


Acts 1 , Luke 24:51-53
id: 2846

Render to Caesar...

"Why do you keep playing games with Jesus?" That's the issue that confronted those who questioned Jesus about paying taxes to Caesar and the issue that faces us today. In this study from Mark 12:13-17, we learn that Christ's kingdom takes precedence over every other kingdom and every agenda that we have.


Mark 12:13-17
id: 2841

Series: The Gospel According to Mark, Volume 6

This is About Us!

The message in Jesus’ parable of the tenants was very clear to the Jewish leaders: they were the ones who had rejected Jesus, and because of their unbelief, they would be destroyed. In telling this parable, Jesus introduced the new Israel, which is made up of all those who possess faith – both Jews and Gentiles. Alistair Begg uses this parable to remind us that we, too, have rejected God, and that eternal life can only be found by believing in the promised Messiah.


Mark 12:1-12
id: 2840

Series: Stories of the Kingdom

Songs for a Savior

Many of us have our favorite Christmas carols that center on angels singing songs, shepherds watching flocks, and wise men giving gifts. However, Luke records the very first Christmas songs, sung by Mary, Zechariah and Simeon. Unlike our modern carols, these don’t revolve around the nativity scenes or the events of Christ birth; rather they focus on the Savior himself. In Christ’s birth, God supernaturally breaks into the ordinary naturalness of human history, by revealing himself as the Savior of the world. In these three songs for a Savior, Mary, Zechariah, and Simeon praise the Lord for remembering His people ... More